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Episode 4 Guadalcanal

Episode 4 (streamed live on 10/5/2013) was comprised of 3 major components. The second component of Epsiode 4 is a sandbox scenario centered around Guadalcanal in 2013. The Imperial Chinese have taken Rabaul and are operating a squadron of attack/fighter aircraft out of the airfield. They have also landed on Guadalcanal and are making preparations to […]

Episode 4 ASuW Tutorial

Episode 4 (streamed live on 10/5/2013) was comprised of 3 major components. First I examined the ASuW tutorial in detail, deploying ESSM initially to defeat an air threat. Following up with a Tomahawk strike on ammo bunkers and a rocket torpedo strike on a assumed-hostile goblin. Part 1 ASuW Tutorial I start off the ASuW Tutorial. […]

Episode 4 Stream

Episode 4 was awesome!  (Stream archive) I played the ASuW tutorial, using ESSMs in their land attack role before realizing I’d need terminal radar guidance…. there was an island in the way. I followed up the failed strike with laser guided Hellfire II missiles, which started a fire on my target! Still didn’t sink her though. I […]

Episode 4 Stream Announcement

I’m going to be live in about 4 hours from now! I’ve decided to mix it up a bit; first off I will play the ASuW tutorial, followed by an announcement of the current Command Plugin I’ve been working on. (Multiplayer!) By popular request I’m going to show off a simple opposed amphibious landing sandbox! […]

Episode 3 Part 5

Episode 3 focused entirely on Operation Lightning Strike; I wanted to get across how deep some scenarios can get in Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. I continue the battle for air superiority above northern Pakistan; no clear winner as of yet. The Iranians fired on my recon package; immediate retaliation is in order! Episode 3 Part 1 […]

Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 Part 1 If you kick the hornet’s nest…  I start off Episode 3 with an overview of where I left off in Operation Lightning Strike with an overview of the AO. F-16Cs jump some JF-17 Thunders and splash some bogies while shooting though the sky at 900kts! To quickly summarize Episode 3 I’d say […]

Episode 3 Stream

Episode 3 was a great success! Thanks for tuning in! (Stream archive) Currently working on uploading episode 3 to YouTube. I’ve also uploaded a new copy of Baloogan Highlights Electronic Warfare with the audio in sync.  It should make alot more sense now!