Episode 4 Stream

Episode 4 was awesome!  (Stream archive)

I played the ASuW tutorial, using ESSMs in their land attack role before realizing I’d need terminal radar guidance…. there was an island in the way. I followed up the failed strike with laser guided Hellfire II missiles, which started a fire on my target! Still didn’t sink her though.

I closed to naval artillery range, dodged a flurry of ASM and sunk the skunk!

After that I outlined my plans for Baloogan Campaign Command Multiplayer (BCCM).

Then I set up a Neo-Guadalcanal scenario where the United States Navy needed to storm Guadalcanal to take it from the Chinese who were trying to cut Australia off from America. Lost a few F-35Bs, destroyed quite a few land targets using a DDG 1000 Zumwalt then landed a marine battalion using Sea Stallions and LCAC off of a LHD!

After that I recapped the episode and talked about current events, specifically the Lybian and Somalian counter terrorism actions!

I will post the titles and artists of the songs in the soundtrack I use to a page here on the Baloogan Campaign website, as well as more information about the Baloogan Campaign Command Multiplayer plugin.

It was alot of fun! Cheers guys! Thanks for watching!