Episode 3 Part 5

Episode 3 focused entirely on Operation Lightning Strike; I wanted to get across how deep some scenarios can get in Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations.

I continue the battle for air superiority above northern Pakistan; no clear winner as of yet.

The Iranians fired on my recon package; immediate retaliation is in order!

Episode 3

  • Part 1 If you kick the hornet’s nest…
    I start off Episode 3 with an overview of where I left off in Operation Lightning Strike with an overview of the AO and then our F-16Cs jump some JF-17 Thunders and splash some bogies while shooting though the sky at 900kts!
  • Part 2 FFG Skunk Near Pakistan Coast
    I plan how I’m going to destroy Pakistan’s coastal defenses. I get a intermittent contact with a Chinese-made FFG located near the shoreline. To crack Pakistan I’d need to achieve a mission-kill on it first.
  • Part 3 Iranian Threat Vector
    I have no clue what I did to piss off the Iranians. No matter the reason I must get my drones and recon aircraft out of danger!
  • Part 4 Aircraft Logistics
    The battle for air superiority over northern Pakistan continues! Jamming is used to great effect on an inbound Vampire’s radar. After that I assess the plentiful munitions to be loaded on to my B-2s and B-52s.
  • Part 5 The Iranian Problem
    Iran has fired Surface to Air missiles on American ELINT recon group lead by a U-2. This is unacceptable! Immediate retaliatory Tomahawk strikes are ordered on the Iranian radar and SAM site.