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Unintended Rapid Raptor Deployment

The Air Force has recently began training for so-called “Rapid Raptor” deployments-plans to move a small unit of their deadliest fighters to any dangerous area very quickly. While I might have heard the Rapid Raptor name, until recently it wasn’t in my mind. That is, except when I made a scenario where just that occurs. […]

Baloogan Campaign 2015 started back in August 2013 as a place to organize recordings of my streams of Command and other games as well as providing future stream scheduling. Before BalooganCampaign I’ve been interested in Warfare Sims for more than a decade now. Throughout 2014 BC expanded to include a YouTube channel, a set of plugins, a […]

The Kuril Islands War that Wasn’t-How Scenarios Stall

Late 1993. Russia’s eyes are focused on the showdown between Yeltsin and the parliament, the crisis that would end the country’s experiment with democracy almost as soon as it began. But in the Far East, a seemingly long-defeated adversary hopes to take advantage of it… Fleets of ships and aircraft rush from Hokkaido and strike […]

Armée de l’Air 101

Trying to figure out French Air Force units’ name meaning can result in a serious headache so here’s a quick guide that will hopefully alleviate the pain.   Let’s start with an example: “EC 03.004 Limousin“. EC: is the “role” acronym. More on that later. 03.004: here are the “Escadron” (squadron) designation followed by its original “Escadre” (Wing) one, so this squadron […]

The Strange Attraction of Sub Scenarios

Why do I like sub scenarios? I’m not very good with subs in Command, so playing with anything less than an advanced sub compared to its target isn’t the most fun. ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) – mockingly but accurately referred to as “Awfully Slow Warfare” – also holds generally as much appeal to me as […]

Je Suis Charlie

Possibilities of Sortie Generation Rate Modelling

The ability to change sortie rates from “Surge” (faster) to “Sustained” in 1.06 of Command has been very beneficial. For the player wanting to be a munchkin/enthusiast, flipping “quick-turn-around” to on and enjoying a rapid back-and-forth between base and target can be enjoyable, as the aircraft strikes three times in three hours. For the player […]