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Trident II Missile Crosssection

SAM Site Designations

Came across this great post by Gervasius over on Yooper’s amazing Lets Play thread. –The Management Mention “double-digit SAMs” to any combat aircraft driver and watch them sweat. Basically, everything from SA-10 upwards is really dangerous. Some can be evaded by flying high (SA-13, SA-14, SA-16, SA-18), flying low doesn’t work anymore. Also, I’m using […]

The Kirov-class Battlecrusiers Part 1

Nebakenezzer posted a few great posts on the AIRPOWER thread on SA recently, I’ve asked his permission to publish them here! Please check out his blog at! Infodump on Kirov-class Battlecrusiers Note: this infodump is quick and dirty. I have two sources for this infodump: a Osprey book on Soviet Battlecrusiers, and this extensive series […]

Command: Chains of War!

A new standalone expansion for Command has been announced! Chains of War is a standalone expansion much like Command: Northern Inferno, can buy it without needing to buy all of Command, but if you do already have Command it plugs into your existing installation. A 12 scenario China-US World War 3 campaign! (+4 additional scenarios […]

ICBM Basing Modes – Where can I hide my ICBMs today?

I came across this post from Maimgara who posted this excellent prose on SA’s AIRPOWER/Cold War thread. Without further ado, I present Maimgara’s ICBM Basing Modes – Where can I hide my ICBMs today? –The Management I recently came across the fantastic Arms Control Wonk blog and podcast, which on Oct 10 did an episode on a […]

Baloogan Campaign Wiki back up and running!

After a number of issues relating to upgrading the website, the Baloogan Campaign Wiki is back open for business! 

90% of what it takes to play Command

Excellent primer by Mr. Showtime from the Grog thread. If you get a grasp on the following, you know 90% of what it takes to play Command. General Using active sensors will usually instantly betray your approximate position to the enemy, even if they’re not close enough for you to detect them. If you don’t have […]