Monthly Archives: May 2017

SAM Site Designations

Came across this great post by Gervasius over on Yooper’s amazing Lets Play thread. –The Management Mention “double-digit SAMs” to any combat aircraft driver and watch them sweat. Basically, everything from SA-10 upwards is really dangerous. Some can be evaded by flying high (SA-13, SA-14, SA-16, SA-18), flying low doesn’t work anymore. Also, I’m using […]

Chains of War Released

The Chains of War expansion to Command has now been released. A 12-scenario campaign depicting a near-future World War III between the United States and China. (And four more bonus scens not tied to the main narrative) Comms disruption, cargo operations, aircraft damage and new weapons. Get it at Matrix and Steam.

The Broken Staff-The (In)Effectiveness of Militia

The United States has always had a ‘militia legend’, one that has affected certain thinking for a while now. The romance of the citizen picking up his rifle and going off holds sway in er…. certain corners. So I figured that an examination is in order. The topic is a fascinating one. The Original Militia […]