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Ukraine 2014 – Part One

Right now it seems as though Simferopol International Airport, the Building of the Supreme Council of Crimea and Belbek Airport have been seized by unknown special forces. 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade is based out of Belbek Airport; which flies 39x MiG-29s. Ukrainian Order of Battle Russian Order of Battle Sources: […]

Episode 22 Stream

Episode 22 Stream Announcement

Comrades! As I’m sure you are all aware, there has been a greatly heightened degree of security at Northern Fleet Headquarters these past several weeks, a condition imposed by the General Staff in anticipation of an important, top-secret mission. The nature of that mission can now be revealed. For the past several months, our finest […]

Joint Command Modules

Hey guys, No stream today, sorry about that. Will definitely be a stream next week! I have a video of Operation Firestorm if you are hankering for some Command gameplay! I’m going to be planning a number of Joint Command modules, here is a proposed list of modules. Please comment if you would like to […]

Joint Command Release

Joint Command, the multiplayer plugin for Command has been released! After a number of months of grueling beta testing and optimization, Joint Command is good to go.¬†JC is out of beta and is ready to be played! To download any Baloogan Campaign Software you will need the Launcher. Might also be a good idea to […]

Episode 21

Episode 21 Stream Announcement

This Saturday’s episode will focus on a plausible counterforce¬†strike performed by the USA on China set in 2014. We will infiltrate Chinese airspace with B-2s and B-1s. Drop some serious ordinance on China’s ballistic missiles some of which can hit the continental USA as well as set up Anti Ballistic Missile defenses around our allies, […]