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Regaining Lua Skill

I love using Lua in Command. I wrote a post on how to use Lua. Then I started struggling. Thanks to a variety of issues and reasons, I hadn’t done major scenario scripting in a while. So, now that I’m returning to it, it’s the same feeling one gets when doing something again that you […]

Random Lua Elements-How, When, and Why

When I saw the Lua tutorial video showing how it could be used to make random elements in Command, I was excited. My excitement diminished as I started making an overambitious scenario involving random Lua and recognized both the limitations and difficulty. But with that lesson in mind, I continued using random Lua. While still […]

The Power of Overlays

One of the great things patch 1.07 added to the game was the possibility to load several layers of overlays automatically and an easier way to build a package to distribute them together with your scenarios. Overlays make the game more beautiful and add a great amount of immersion to the game. Preparations To make […]

Lua in Play – Using Lua to Implement Scenario Functionality

Lua provides a vast number of new possibilities for scenario creators, letting you automate tasks. Today we’re going to discuss how you can use Lua in a real scenario, using my upcoming Operation Fei Lian as an example. We’ll discuss how to integrate Lua into your scenario development workflow, and also how to implement solutions to […]

Lua as a Force Multiplier

  Integrated in Command version 1.06,  the Lua scripting language is a new “Event Action” type in the Scenario Editor’s established Event Engine allowing for altering elements of the running scenario. Baloogan, Tomcat and ckfinite have produced an excellent documentation explaining how to use Lua in Command scenarios. What I want to share with you here is my non-advanced user experience of […]