Joint Command

Introducing Joint Command!

Installer: (43 megs)

JC is a program which plugs into Command and makes it possible to play PBEM style Command matches with other members of the community!

Please read the documentation for Joint Command.

Please join us in the chat room to arrange multiplayer matches, or just jump right in and either join a game looking for players or create a new match for people to join!

Any scenario is supported! Scenarios which come with the game as well as any scenario you might create!

Joint Command has a build in scenario viewer called ‘Geostream’. Geostream allows you to watch your units and contacts live during your opponent’s turn. It also allows you to view historical unit data, from every point in the match.


Geostream is a powerful tool…..really gives a crisp feel of the scenario. When I was in the Army we used tools like this to survey the area and see how it would affect us and the enemy.

Just added geostream capability to Joint Command! I wonder what happened to the ARA Espora?

Lets check the log!

I need a list of contacts!

Give me a list of all units right before the vampires struck!

Checking the damage report in the log!

We lose contact with the Multirole aircraft that sank us

The battle continues without our FFL.

Doesn’t look good for the Argentinians!