Episode 3 Part 1

Episode 3 Part 1 If you kick the hornet’s nest… 

I start off Episode 3 with an overview of where I left off in Operation Lightning Strike with an overview of the AO. F-16Cs jump some JF-17 Thunders and splash some bogies while shooting though the sky at 900kts!

To quickly summarize Episode 3 I’d say overall I wasn’t expecting to lose those reapers; or any F-16Cs. I’m worried that I might not have enough force at Bagram to even attempt a strike with my A-10s with laser guided bombs. 

I have no clue what I did to piss off the Iranians. Well, after about 20 Tomahawks they are now EXTRA pissed off.

The F-22s are now 120nm from the Pakistani coast, my B-2s & and B-52s are about 18 hours away from being ready to take off with their load of decoys, stand off bunker busters and cluster/JDAM bombs. The B-2s are for hunting down TELs (think scuds in the First Gulf War).

As soon as I started losing F-16s I just wanted to HIT THEM HARD so I made a hasty TLAM and Tactical Tomahawk attack without being careful.

And I’ve played this one scenario for about 7 hours now! I’m going to FINISH IT!!! I might need to stream more often, I want to cover new things on Saturday.

It was a blast! Thanks for watching!