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Ready… or not? On the availability of units.

Ready or not? When creating a new scenario one of the challenges is to decide not only which units should be included but also how many of them will actually be able to fight. So the question is: Ready or not? The German “Bericht zur materiellen Einsatzbereitschaft der Hauptwaffensysteme der Bundeswehr” (Report for the readiness […]

They Came From The Lua Script

So, now that I’ve gotten a reveal of one of my least favorite scenario works out of the way, I can move on to happier stuff. One of my scenarios I feel the most admiration for is They Came From The Museum. Now I can reveal the making of it. _ _ _ _ The […]

ICBM Basing Modes – Where can I hide my ICBMs today?

I came across this post from¬†Maimgara¬†who posted this excellent prose on SA’s AIRPOWER/Cold War thread. Without further ado, I present Maimgara’s ICBM Basing Modes – Where can I hide my ICBMs today? –The Management I recently came across the fantastic Arms Control Wonk blog and podcast, which on Oct 10 did an episode on a […]

The Terrible Secret of Myanmar Defense Revealed

Happy New Year, Baloogan Campaign readers. As a New Years resolution, I vowed to post about the “making of” some of my favorite Command creations. Or, in this case, my least favorite Command creation. Now, I like bad things. I like reading bad things, like the the niche cult mess of the NFL SuperPro. I’ve […]