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Unconventional Military Fiction

Here, I’m not talking about books dealing with unconventional warfare. I’m talking about military fiction books that have unconventional premises from the usual popular technothriller topics. And in my long history of reading and reviewing such books, I’ve found more than a few. Some of the most out-there include: Dark Rose by Mike Lunnon-Wood. A […]

Kuril Sunrise is out

My newest Command LIVE scenario, Kuril Sunrise, is out. It can be bought on Matrix or Steam.

The Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Today, December 7, is the day that would live in infamy. The day of the Pearl Harbor attack. One of the greatest blunders in history. In exchange for the total loss of only two older battleships, the IJN solved the final piece of the puzzle for the US’s long-studied and long-gamed out war plan-how to […]

The Kuril Islands War that Wasn’t-How Scenarios Stall

Late 1993. Russia’s eyes are focused on the showdown between Yeltsin and the parliament, the crisis that would end the country’s experiment with democracy almost as soon as it began. But in the Far East, a seemingly long-defeated adversary hopes to take advantage of it… Fleets of ships and aircraft rush from Hokkaido and strike […]