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Command LIVE: The King of The Border released

The newest Command LIVE scenario, the eerily timed The King of The Border, has been released.

They Came From The Lua Script

So, now that I’ve gotten a reveal of one of my least favorite scenario works out of the way, I can move on to happier stuff. One of my scenarios I feel the most admiration for is They Came From The Museum. Now I can reveal the making of it. _ _ _ _ The […]

E-6B Doomsday Plane is using “Trump” as radio callsign

A plane spotted by chatroom regular blh42 (who is awesome, he builds racing drones!) spotted a E-6 flying over the US using the callsign ‘TRUMP’. I quickly asked his permission to retweet, and retweet it I did! The Aviationist and War is Boring picked up the story! Thanks blh!

The Two Yemeni Air Forces

April 2, 2015, scenario. The Yemeni government faces mundane no-confidence challenges that nonetheless undermine its authority, and a coup is feared. US drone strikes, with the inevitable civilian casualties, are angering the population, and the Americans are moving ever-stronger forces into the area, assuming a total collapse is imminent. Enter the unnamed and fictional defense […]

How to Name a German Unit

A Short History of the Bundeswehr Shortly after the end of the second world war the demand for a new (West) German army became clear, even though it was decided at the Potsdam Conference that Germany should be demilitarized. The German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer considered joining the NATO as one of the most important goals for […]

Unintended Rapid Raptor Deployment

The Air Force has recently began training for so-called “Rapid Raptor” deployments-plans to move a small unit of their deadliest fighters to any dangerous area very quickly. While I might have heard the Rapid Raptor name, until recently it wasn’t in my mind. That is, except when I made a scenario where just that occurs. […]

Je Suis Charlie