June 6, 1944

Kashmir Fire Released

The newest DLC for Command, Kashmir Fire, has been released.

What-If Studies

It’s always interesting to look at projections from the past. Not just to see how right or wrong they were, but to see how they could have diverged from actual history. On the 30th anniversary of the Gulf War, it’s timely to look at a partially declassified 1995 analysis of the Iraqi military. Historically, it crumbled to the point where its very weakness and fragility was an important role in the post-invasion turmoil. But what if it didn’t?

One what-if that’s very Command-friendly is their “modernized and expanded” option with over fifty new aircraft (likely a Flanker variant of some sort given the time period) and multiple battalions of so-called “Double Digit SAMs”.

Although centered around fighting on the ground, a version of this “rearmed and souped-up Baathish Iraq” appeared in Michael Farmer’s tank novel Tin Soldiers, an excellent book that’s arguably the best post-1991 technothriller ever written.

Sahel Slugfest Released

Sahel Slugfest, my newest Command LIVE scenario, is now out.

Red Dawn Reviewed

On Fuldapocalypse, I review Red Dawn, the classic 1980s “invasion movie.”

Box Press Released, And Command’s Role In Its Creation

Box Press, the second in my Smithtown Unit series of thrillers, is now out. That book, along with its predecessor, are meant as homages to the classic “Men’s Adventure” short novels of the past and are set in an alternate history where, among other things, the Soviet Union still exists in the 1990s.

And Command was used to help make these novels. Not by simulating battles, but by just moving units (in one case, a large propeller plane, and in the other, a helicopter) around in simple editor scenarios and seeing the time it took for them to get from one spot to another. This allowed me to write travel times that weren’t too fast or too slow into the books.

Northern Fury H Hour Audiobook is out

The Command-inspired novel, Northern Fury H-Hour, now has an audiobook version out.