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Joint Command Modules

Hey guys, No stream today, sorry about that. Will definitely be a stream next week! I have a video of Operation Firestorm if you are hankering for some Command gameplay! I’m going to be planning a number of Joint Command modules, here is a proposed list of modules. Please comment if you would like to […]

Joint Command Release

Joint Command, the multiplayer plugin for Command has been released! After a number of months of grueling beta testing and optimization, Joint Command is good to go.¬†JC is out of beta and is ready to be played! To download any Baloogan Campaign Software you will need the Launcher. Might also be a good idea to […]

High Contrast Mod

I’ve been asked a number of times for instructions on how to use the ‘Black Sea’ High Contrast Mod I use on my stream so I’ve made a quick little howto!


Hey all! Just wanted to make a formal announcement of my next plugin: “Geoscape“! Geoscape is a multiplayer dynamic campaign for Command. ¬†Geoscape will take commands from players and determine when combat needs to be resolved. It then generates Joint Command matches for each theater and then Joint Command in turn generates Command scenarios! Geoscape […]

Joint Command Status

Hey everyone! Hope you have seen the most recent feature of Joint Command: the new Geostream interface! We have also seen a new milestone in Joint Command, we have started our first few singleplayer matches! You can get all the benefits of the Geostream display while playing singleplayer Joint Command! During Episode 10 I was […]

Episode 9 Joint Command Stream

Cheers! Great stream! Many thanks to everyone! I was terrified before the stream that JC wasn’t going to perform as well as she did. I’ve also moved from a closed beta to an open beta, please join us at to arrange for some multiplayer fun. : ) Joint Command BETA download link: (Also […]

Episode 9 Joint Command Stream Announcement

I’d like to arrange a public test of my multiplayer plugin for this Saturday! I’ve created a plugin for Command called Joint Command. It is turn-based, and has a real PBEM (Play by email) feel to it; though Joint Command takes care of sending the required files around. I will be accepting all beta applications […]