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Kushan Command Stream

One of my pals Kushan is going to be doing a Command stream this weekend,  Saturday 11 AM PST. Link to stream:

Changjing Strike, 2016

Thanks for watching!

Wargame of the Year Stream

Thanks so much for watching! Episode 2.1: The Caliphate of West Africa

Wargame of the Year Stream

The Baloogan Campaign stream will return this saturday with a special ‘Command: Wargame of the Year’ stream! On Friday Command is coming to Steam! I’m planning to play Under African Skies, a community scenario made by Feltan. (Matrix thread) A scenario set in 2017 about a US task force attacking a China backed Nigeria. The […]

Falcon Stream!

Thanks so much for watching!

Falcon Stream, 16 player multiplayer!

Check out this dogfight! I fail at BVR combat! I accidentally hit a friendly with an AMRAAM, and someone accidentally ices me with an AMRAAM. A little too much Maverick fun.

Falcon Stream Wednesday