Command Releases

  • v1.01, released on October 9, 2013, was a quick-fix update to resolve issues discovered during late beta or just after the v1.00 release, and incorporate early customer feedback. Its main new features were[17]:
    • Significant performance increase, both for UI (map zoom/pan) and sim-core execution (which in turn means even better scalability). Also the high-fidelity mode (0.1 sec pulse in realtime) is now optional instead of mandatory so Command runs great even on low-spec machines – and screams on capable rigs.
    • UI enhancements: Option to zoom at mouse location, option to ghost/hide sonobuoys, ability to quickly de-select all reference points, ability to abort aircraft launches, ability to order hold-fire on multiple selected units/groups.
    • DB viewer enhancements: Dedicated weapon page, various improvements on existing pages.
    • Scen Editor improvements, e.g. the “Add Unit” window remembers its last used filters (much fewer clicks needed).
    • Simulation mechanics improvements (refined dive rates, helmet-mounted sights, semi-active SAMs in anti-surface mode etc.)
    • Four scenarios previously available separately (community downloads) were integrated on the standard release: Brother against Brother, Canary’s Cage, Choking Halifax and Fighter Weapons School – GAT 5&6.
  • v1.02, released on December 19, 2013, was the first comprehensive update. Its main features were[18]:
    • Significant improvements on performance, scalability and stability.
    • Improved user interface (UI) with lots of new features, fixes & changes in every aspect (map, unit control, DB viewer etc.) straight from user feedback
    • Improvements to the scenario editor & mission editor
    • More configurable realism options (e.g. unlimited aircraft weapons at bases) for users who want to quickly experiment
    • Improved simulation realism with new features like variable crew proficiency (side-level only), improved sonar modeling, more AI & doctrine options and other additions & fixes
    • Improved multimedia experience with new sound effects & optional background music
  • v1.03, released on March 21, 2014, focused on further improving performance and stability. In addition it added more air warfare-centric features such as realistic loadout drag & weight effect on fuel consumption (“Christmas tree” loadouts now have a price), enhanced weather effects and refined air-ops AI options.
    This was also the first release to support hypothetical platforms in its database, such as the Yak-141, Ulyanovsk CVN, F-23 ATF, A-12 Avenger II, Super Tomcat 21, the UK’s Type-26 frigate, Russian Vityaz and Morfey SAMs and more[19].
  • v1.04, released on July 9, 2014, further emphasized air operations by introducing the “strike auto-planner”, effectively a “light” version of the comprehensive strike planner currently under development which automatically plots sensible ingress & egress profiles for strike missions, thus providing a ready-to-modify template to the player. Other changes and additions were[20]:
    • An extensive array of UI enhancements such as wireframe-only map view, selection-only range symbols, new hotkeys, menu list for quick-jump slots, additional information on the database viewer, configurable ghosted-unit visibility, configurable plotted course visibility, one-click jump to unit mission, single-icon enemy groups and more.
    • AI and mission editor additions such as configurable sprint-and-drift, optional prosecution areas for patrols (which significantly improved the AI’s ability to avoid hopless long-range shots or fall victim to player draw-out ambushes), new doctrine options and more.
    • Improved simulation mechanics such as multiple cloud conditions, refined offboard-sonar modelling, ABM/ASAT guidance refinements, realism improvements for anti-missile engagements, longer-range AI torpedo shots and more.
    • Further performance & stability improvements.
  • v1.05, also known as “Wargame Of The Year” edition, was released on September 26, 2014 concurrently on Steam and the MatrixGames site. It boasted improved simulation performance, acomplete overhaul of air refuelling AI and mechanics, BVR cranking, Non-Cooperative Target Recongition (NCTR) functionality and improved damage & repair modelling[21][22][23].
  • v1.06, released on December 17, 2014, is the current public release. It features significant improvements to modeling “surge” air operations, unit-level proficiency settings, and most importantly incorporates the Lua scripting language to its scenario editor, offering much more powerful scripting abilities. Other features are[24][25]:
    • Satellite pass predictions
    • Patrol/Support mission altitude overrides on Mission Editor
    • Radars able to detect mobile ground units are limited by target speed
    • “Submarine Datum” contact type
    • No need to close and re-open the DB viewer
    • Fixed long-standing bug on “Unit enters area” trigger
    • Special reserved variable for Event Engine: UnitX
    • New logged message type: New Mine Contact
    • The various altitude parameters (transit altitude, on-station altitude etc.) of a loadout’s mission profile are now enforced for air patrol & support missions
    • The “Select new homebase” function now works for any type of unit and group, not just for aircraft and airgroups
    • New Event Trigger type: “Scenario is loaded”
    • On the “Add Unit” window, the unit names are now also hyperlinks to the relevant page on the DB viewer:
    • Improved cloud and thermal layer indicators on throttle/altitude window
    • New patrol & support mission feature: Minimum number of units on station
    • Additional factor for ship gunnery: Ship size
    • Modified patrol behavior for aircraft
    • Torpedoes can now be fired to their maximum kinematic range instead of 8nm
    • New Scen-Edit feature: Clone a unit
    • Added option (ON by default) to display the selected unit’s (or identified contact’s) image as a thumbnail
    • Aircraft returning to base on RTB-Mission Over / Winchester / Manual status now accept course orders
    • Pressing Ctrl+X now copies the geo coordinates of the map cursor (in decimal form) to the clipboard.
    • You can drag-select multiple facilities, ships, bases or ship groups and access the Air Ops or Boat Ops menu (F6 / F7 hotkey) to display aircraft on all parking facilities

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