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Command Imports Highlight

One important feature of Command is the ability to import preset arrangements of units and facilities. For example here is a map of static Ukrainian Air Defense sites! Zoom in and click on their markers, its pretty cool! Plus a map of static Ukrainian air defence radars I also have a my Ukraine map index, Russian map index as well […]

Russia, the world is watching.

Russia put SA-11’s in rebel hands and triple digit Europeans died in an attack as a result. Step up EU.  Netherlands: 173 Malaysia: 44 (including 15 crew and two infants) Australia: 27 Indonesia: 12 (including one infant) United Kingdom: 9 Germany: 4 Belgium: 4 Philippines: 3 Canada: 1 New Zealand: 1 Unconfirmed nationalities: 20

Command V1.04

Command v1.04 just released!   Grab the patch here! The Manual Addendum pages cover all the changes/additions since v1.0 And finally the Mega-Mega-FAQ is really worth reading.   v1.04 (Build 554) (07/09/2014) [expand title=”Patch notes for B554…”] [/expand]

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