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Episode 24 Stream

Version 1.03 has been released!!! I’m sure one day, thousands of years into the future, Azerbaijan will once again be habitable…. :) Entire stream uploaded to YouTube.

Episode 24 Stream Announcement

Version 1.03 has been released! This Saturday (11:00 AM PDT) I’ll be playing a scenario that comes with Command: Iron Hand 2014! Orders for Cmdr Russian Forces Situation Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have risen to the highest levels since the skirmishes of 2008. Azerbaijan is clearly the aggressor making outward threats to use its […]

Crimean War Episodes: Operation Tiger Rifle

Download scenario! Watch scenario gameplay! ATTN: Commanding Officer, EUCOM You are instructed to initiate OPERATION TIGER RIFLE. Your control center is airborne, aboard a E-8C JSTARS of the 116th Air Control Wing. INTEL/SITREP The Russian Federation has taken Crimea by force and within 48 hours a major NATO assault is planned. You must clear the way […]

Episode 23 Stream

Upcoming Ukraine 2014 Stream

On Saturday, March 8th I’ll be presenting a simulation of the situation in Ukraine using Command version 1.03. With me, will be Dimitris Dranidis and Mike Mykytyn of Warfare Sims. Version 1.03 Changelog Preliminary Ukrainian Crisis order of battle: Flashpoint: Ukraine 2014 Link to stream: Baloogan Campaign Stream starts at 11:00 AM PST. Follow me on […]

Ukraine 2014 – Part Two

Please pray for the people of Ukraine, who are facing the Bear alone. Thread on Matrix Forums about the events in Ukraine Ukrainian News Channel I’ve prepared a Command scenario with force distribution from OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) sources. Available in Matrix Forums thread linked above.