Command Documentation

I’m going to try to collect useful information about Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations here. Most of this is copy and pasted from the forums; usually with answers from knowledgeable beta testers or the devs themselves.

Please look at the side bar on the left for a complete listing of documentation, specifically the game’s keyboard shortcuts as well as OECM operations and battle plans.

Battle Plan: Mission Enemy Troops Terrain – Time Civilian Issues
Keyboard Shortcuts
Offensive Electronic Counter Measures



What needs to happen for a platform to change EMCON without being told to do so?

Right now its linked to mission, ROE and defensive logic.

What does a mission profile mean

Strike, Hi-Lo-Hi profile. Cruise at 36kt. 100nm (50nm+50nm) dash on target at SL &Mil. Form up 10 min at 10k ft. 10% reserves

36k = 36,000ft. 100nm dash is 50nm in and 50nm out at Military (Full) power at Sea Level. The aircraft also has a 10 minute launch fuel allowance and 10% reserve (standard Bingo).

What is definition of the 1/3 rule?

1/3 rule is that only 1/3 of aircraft assigned to a mission will launch at a given time. I believe that is 1/3 of the total number of remaining a/c (so if you start with 12, you’ll launch 4 but if that number goes to 9 total you’ll only launch 3). The other 2/3s are either rearming or RTB.

What is the meaning of CAV?

Cavitate. It’s the point where the pressure around a spinning prop lowers to the point that the water ‘boils’ around it. This increases ambient noise significantly. Keep your ships out of CAV if you’re hunting subs (or are a hunted sub). Depth can alleviate the speed of cavitation in some cases.

Will it also degrade your sensors?

Speed in general degrades sonar performance (lots of self noise going on).

Why do ADCAP’s have a max range of only 6nm when in reality they have a range closer to 20nm?

It’s called shooting within parameters. Every weapon system has an envelope from which it is best utilized. Max range is only one factor in a weapon’s envelope.

Overriding Engaged Defensive

On the Doctrine/RoE options, set “Auto Evade” to No.

Group Disbanding

In both during play view in unit mode (9 pg up on key pad), select unit and press the d key to detach them. Get down to 0 units the group dissolves.

To create group select a group of ships or aircraft and press the g key.

Ice Packs

If you try to place a surface ship (other than icebreaker) on the ice, you will get a message that you cannot place it there.