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I have a military-themed ebook out

I, Coiler, have a new ebook out. It’s called the Volunteer Force Threat Brief, and it’s on Kindle here. I’ll be honest. This may be one of the first literary tributes to an OPFOR manual out there. Those were, no joke, one of the primary inspirations for this. I’ve had this army called the Volunteer […]

Command Fiction Announcement

At my personal blog, I’ve started a new project. Every Wednesday, I aim to post a fictional vignette based on the aftermath of a Command scenario. So far they’ve been based on my own scenarios, although that may change. They may be viewed here. The two posted so far have been (with base scenario): –Democratic […]

Command-related Posts on Coiler’s Creative Corner

Since I started Coiler’s Creative Corner, I’ve made a lot of posts on there. Since many of the Command-related posts have been pushed aside by the non-Command ones, I thought I’d give links to some of the ones on that topic, so people interested in wargaming don’t have to dig through posts on book reviews […]

Exercise Scenarios-A Follow Up

I’ve posted a sort of follow-up to my recent post on exercise scenarios over at my own blog. There, I talk about how to make the same “actor” unit play different “characters” by equipping it with different loadouts. Coiler’s Creative Corner: One Fighter, Two Adversaries

A blogging announcement

For me, Coiler, Baloogan Campaign has been an extraordinary blogging opportunity and an excellent experience. I’ve built on that experience and have thus started a new blog on my own. Coiler’s Creative Corner will be a lot broader in terms of topics than my posts on this site, but given my interests, will undoubtedly feature […]