Offensive ECM

ECM (and here we’ll discuss Offensive ECM) degrades enemy radar performance. Because it is an active system an ESM set (electronic support measures) can be used to locate it, like radar. It’s effectiveness has a lot to do with the power and sophistication (generation) of both the ECM set and the opposing radar system. A big, modern ECM system may overwhelm an old, weak radar system to the point of ineffectiveness beyond a very close range. Given that EM radiation travels in straight lines, ECM is more effective when the radar emitter it pointing at the source of jamming. ECM is also range-limited – at some point the power of the jammed radar will overcome that of the jammer (called burn-through).

In the game ECM seems to work best when the jamming platform and any units it is trying to protect with ECM coverage are in a tight axis with each other with respect to the threat radar. The more out of alignment they are the less effective the jamming. This can be pretty tricky when dealing with multiple threat radars coming in from a wide arc of directions.

Jamming effects in the game:

  • The word JAMMED appears by a platform: This unit is under some level of effect by a hostile jammer.
  • The word JAM appears by a platform: A unit currently using active Offensive ECM.
  • ECM-emitting platforms can be detected and located by ESM, similar to radar.
  • Radars effected by ECM may have difficulty locating targets beyond a certain range.
  • Radars effected by ECM may have difficulty maintaining contact with targets beyond a certain range.

The first Baloogan Highlight focused on OECM capabilities.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] KUNSAN AIR BASE, South Korea — Tech. Sgt. Brad Mikula (left) and Staff Sgt. Jesse Marshall inspect an electronic countermeasures pod here. The ECM technicians maintain the F-16 Fighting Falcons pods used to defeat sophisticated anti-aircraft defense systems. The Airmen are assigned to the 8th Maintenance Squadron. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Val Gempis)[/caption]