All videos are on the Baloogan YouTube channel, I’ve been playing Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. Baloogan Campaign streams are all recorded for those who cannot make the live streams.

F-35 Evaluation

Imagine if you would, the morning of December 7th 1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Imperial Japanese Navy steaming towards the Hawaiian Islands in preparation for one of the most significant carrier strikes in history.

Yesterday, December 7th, 1941 — a date which will live in infamy — the United States of America, 1941 was suddenly and deliberately assisted by naval and air forces of the United States of America, 1980!

Iron Hand

The Nagorno-Karabakh enclave remains one of the most contested pieces of real estate in what was once the Soviet Union. The conflict started in 1988 and escalated when the enclave declared its independence from Azerbaijan in January 1992, based on the desire of the ethnic Armenian population to gain autonomy from greater Azerbaijan. Armenia naturally sided with their ethic brothers and contributed to a bloody conflict that ended with a Russian brokered ceasefire in 1994. Tensions since have continued to rise and fall driving a regional arms race, the occasional skirmish and putting Russia in a position where it once again may have to intervene.

Presenting a simulation of the situation in Ukraine using Command version 1.03. With me, will be Dimitris Dranidis and Mike Mykytyn of Warfare Sims!

Page on situation in Ukraine Flashpoint: Ukraine 2014 with estimated orders of battle for Russia, Ukraine and NATO.


As I’m sure you are all aware, there has been a greatly heightened degree of security at Northern Fleet Headquarters these past several weeks, a condition imposed by the General Staff in anticipation of an important, top-secret mission. The nature of that mission can now be revealed.

For the past several months, our finest strategic thinkers, military planners and war colleges have been working out the various possible outcomes of a war between the Soviet Union and NATO –  a war that seems to be more imminent than ever as tensions between East and West increase by the day.

Your mission: simulate encounters between NATO and Soviet air and naval assets to refine your skills; which will be needed in the coming days.

This week the People’s Stream will introduce every late cold war scenario released by the Command Community!

Glory to the Revolution!

This episode will focus on a plausible counterforce strike performed by the USA on China set in 2014. We will infiltrate Chinese airspace with B-2s and B-1s. Drop some serious ordinance on China’s ballistic missiles some of which can hit the continental USA as well as set up Anti Ballistic Missile defenses around our allies, South Korea and Japan.

This week’s episode will focus on submarine combat! We shall be destroying hostile ‘boomer’ subs, other attack subs, setting up attacks on surface action groups and destroying entire soviet air regiments all from the safety of periscope depth!

How can a submarine destroy aircraft? We will execute a time on target attack to destroy rearming soviet air regiments while they sit on the tarmac! You might remember this scene from Red Storm Rising, where a daring attack on an airbase from submarines results in the crippling of the air wing of the northern soviet fleet!

I sincerely hope the Russians don’t intervene like they did in the scenario… It was very, very bloody and violent. Whoever ordered that BM-21 battalion to unload into downtown Kiev should be brought up on charges….

I’ll be showing you how to apply mount, weapon record and sensor modifications to your ships, submarines, facilities, and aircraft in Command! I will cover things like mounting the new LRASM, or sticking anti ballistic missile lasers on your F-16!

I’ll be showing off how Geoscape will detect battles, as well as dynamically generate Command scenarios for the battle to play out! I’ll be accepting Geoscape applications during the stream as well, and talking a bit more about the story of the first Geoscape campaign. Plus Command map modifications!

I took a look at V1.02 this episode!

In this episode I reenacted the 1805 battle of Trafalgar with forces circa 2017!

Best Stream Ever!!!

Had some of the Command developers on! Thanks so much DimitrisEmsoy and Mike!!! You guys made this all possible! : D

Played Canary’s Cage, fought some falcons! Sank some surface contacts! You could say I had a ‘whale’ of a time prosecuting biological contacts…

This is the permanent new time for the stream :) 11:00 AM PST on Saturdays! Thanks for tuning in!

This week I played Shamal, a scenario which comes with Command designed to simulate the air war on the 4th day of Desert Storm! I commanded the USAF forces, operating in tandem with USN forces! I neutralizeda number of airfields and chemical weapons manufacturing plants.


During episode 10 I played Joint Command in a singleplayer match. A multiplayer match with one player is singleplayer : )

I played a number of turns of Joint Command during episode 9.

Episode 8 (streamed live 11/02/2013) focused on 1950s Strategic Nuclear Warfare! Its Stalin’s last eve Christmas 1952 and he wants to make it a hot one for The West!

Episode 7 (streamed live on 10/26/2013)

  • Part 1 Custom Overlay Tutorial 
    Welcome back to Baloogan Campaign! Episode 7 focuses on creating and importing custom overlays for Command as well as what a Carrier Battle Group in 2025 might look like!
  • Part 2 The Airbase in Britian
    I work on Custom Overlays for RAF Fairford! I overlay an overlay on top of an overlay, it gets confusing from here on in!
  • Part 3 Operation Lightning Strike
    I return to Operation Lightning Strike and discuss creating a custom overlay for Bin Laden’s compound.
  • Part 4 The Chase
    Air battles continue! A P-3 Orion is chased out to sea; a pair of F-22 Raptors are tasked to clear the P-3’s six. They supercruise and fire BVR!
  • Part 5 Raptors to the Rescue
    My F-22 Raptors reach the P-3 Orion and fire AMRAAM BVR down the axis of the detected bogey!
  • Part 6 Capt. James Kirk of the Zumwalt
    I start a new scenario with a 2025 USN CVBG vs Brazil Land Based Air. James Kirk commanding the DDG-1000 Zumwalt!
  • Part 7 Brazil Air Defense
    I compose the Brazilian land based air defense. I guess as to who Brazil would buy aircraft and weapons from. I decided on French aircraft and Russian SAM.
  • Part 8 Magazine vs Mount vs Magazine
    I look at the difference between Weapons and Mounts and Magazines; as well as bring in custom overlays for the Brazilian airbases.
  • Part 9 Exocet Counterstrike
    I prepare the Brazilian Air Force to respond to any detected surface contact with a Exocet Strike.
  • Part 10 Brazilian BARCAP
    I set up Brazil’s defenses; they will respond automatically to any air contacts or surface contacts. Air contacts will get all the currently airborne aircraft to converge on the contact and surface contacts will make the Exocet armed aircraft to sortie.
  • Part 11 Phased Array
    I take a look at all the cool sensors in a Modern American Carrier Battlegroup! Including Phased Array radars that can be electronically steered!
  • Part 12 Convergence Zones
    I discuss physical oceanography as it pertains to modern naval combat!
  • Part 13 ICBMs, Espionage, and TOGO!
    I spawn Minot AFB complete with a good chunk of our Nuclear Deterrent! I also create overlays for a random airbase in Africa and discuss how Command might be breaking the law!
  • Part 14 Land Combat and the Ballistic Missiles!
    I spawn a small land combat simulation, a company of T-72s vs a platoon of Abrams! Also I track a ballistic missile as it flies into Canada!
  • Part 15 The AMRAAM Datalink
    I fire AMRAAMs from my F-35s at the hostile bogies! I discuss datalinks and how they are modeled in Command.
  • Part 16 Tactical Tomahawks!
    I end off Episode 7 with a Tomahawk strike on Brazilian ammo bunker installations! And the difference between the Blk III and Blk IV Tomahawk. Hint: The Blk IV Tactical Tomahawk is worth the extra $$$ :).


Episode 6 Scenario Editor Tutorial (streamed live on 10/19/2013) we started with a Scenario Editor Tutorial and then just started nuking different countries!



Episode 5 (streamed live on 10/12/2013) Mike Mykytyn joined us to talk about Command during this one!


Episode 4 (streamed live on 10/5/2013) was comprised of 3 major components. First I examined the ASuW tutorial in detail, deploying ESSM initially to defeat an air threat. Following up with a Tomahawk strike on ammo bunkers and a rocket torpedo strike on a assumed-hostile goblin.

The second component of Epsiode 4 is a sandbox scenario centered around Guadalcanal in 2013. The Imperial Chinese have taken Rabaul and are operating a squadron of attack/fighter aircraft out of the airfield. They have also landed on Guadalcanal and are making preparations to use Henderson field to cut Australia off from America!

They must be stopped!! A DDG-1000 Zumwalt escorting an Improved Wasp LHD filled with angry Marines on LCAC hovercrafts!  (Isn’t the present wonderful? Literally marines on hovercraft is the modern way to do an amphibious landing). The LCACs leverage their superior speed to land in on a beach that 4 Super Cobras cleared. 4 F-35Bs provide the BARCAP.

  • Part 1 ASuW Tutorial
    I start off the ASuW Tutorial. The star of the show is a Arleigh Burke Flight IIA, a modern USN Guided Missile Destroyer. I make a few target location measurements and defend my DDG against an air attack.
  • Part 2 Rocket Torpedo and Cruise Missile
    First a rocket torpedo for a close creeping sub, then six Tomahawks for Ammo Bunkers! I also plot a course specifically to avoid shore artillery battery’s capability. “The Soviets don’t make boats that aren’t dangerous!” I also analyse the surface contact on the other side of the island, with GIGANTIC Anti Ship Missiles!
  • Part 3 The Ineffective Airstrike
    I attack the hostile missile frigate with laser guided Hellfire II from my SH-60B Seahawk. Due to my lack of timing I prevent the Seahawk from maintaining a laser lock on the target during the terminal stage of the Hellfires’ flight. I then get frustrated and launch 10 ESSM missiles at the target forgetting that ESSM require terminal radar illumination as they are semi-active radar homing missiles. Overall I waste quite a few missiles to ZERO effect. v1.01 has a FIX for uselessly firing ESSM missiles, the game takes terminal radar illumination into account now!
  • Part 4 The Naval Bombardment
    BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM, BOOM BOOM BOOM! I close to within range of my 5 inch gun and open a can of whoopass on a artillery battery emplaced near the shore. My second air strike approaches their target and slows to a hover ready to unload the last of my Hellfires.
  • Part 5 The Effective Airstrike
    My Seahawks release their Hellfires! The laser target designators turn on at the terminal phase of the missiles’ flight! Chaff bursts into the air trying to spoof the laser! A few Hellfires get though to impact the hull of the boat! The USS Stockdale then closes in for the kill while one of the Seahawks keeps an eye on the enemy ship.
  • Part 6 The Inbound Vampires
    Nightmare! Six inbound Siren ASM were launched off of the target ship. I’m doomed if I’m unable to shoot them down. 6 missiles inbound, only 4 anti-missile-missiles to go around. What to do… What to do….
  • Part 7 The Five Inch Gun
    Having defeated the target’s attack on my ship I close in for the kill. Not many countermeasures exist for 100+ five inch shells airbursting around your boat!
  • Part 8 Command Multiplayer Discussion
    I discuss my plans for a Command Multiplayer Plugin with the people on the stream’s chat.
  • Part 9 Guadalcanal Sandbox Setup
    China’s Marine Infantry have taken Guadalcanal in the year 2013! They are trying to cut Australia off from America! The USN sorties a DDG-1000 Zumwalt and a LHD with USMC F-35B as well as 3 LCACs!
  • Part 10 Neo-Guadalcanal
    The setup continues; China is assigned a significant naval force as well as a few squadrons of modern Chinese attack aircraft!
  • Part 11 The Battle of Guadalcanal
    Guadalcanal 2013. F-35Bs engage a a horde of Chinese aircraft. DDG-1000’s array of anti aircraft weaponry are put to the test!
  • Part 12 F-35Bs over Henderson
    Henderson Field, 2013. F-35Bs patrol above Super Cobras as part of a USN amphibious landing operation!
  • Part 13 Take The Beach Marines!
    3 LCACs launched from the LHD take the beaches of Guadalcanal supported by F-35B and Super Cobras. Finally I recap the episode.


Episode 3 (streamed live on 10/2/2013) focused entirely on Operation Lightning Strike; I wanted to get across how deep some scenarios can get in Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations. I continue the battle for air superiority above northern Pakistan; no clear winner as of yet. The Iranians fired on my recon package; immediate retaliation is in order!

  • Part 1 If you kick the hornet’s nest…
    I start off Episode 3 with an overview of where I left off in Operation Lightning Strike with an overview of the AO and then our F-16Cs jump some JF-17 Thunders and splash some bogies while shooting though the sky at 900kts!
  • Part 2 FFG Skunk Near Pakistan Coast
    I plan how I’m going to destroy Pakistan’s coastal defenses. I get a intermittent contact with a Chinese-made FFG located near the shoreline. To crack Pakistan I’d need to achieve a mission-kill on it first.
  • Part 3 Iranian Threat Vector
    I have no clue what I did to piss off the Iranians. Not matter the reason I must get my drones and recon aircraft out of danger!
  • Part 4 Aircraft Logistics
    The battle for air superiority over northern Pakistan continues! Jamming is used to great effect on an inbound Vampire’s radar. After that I assess the plentiful munitions to be loaded on to my B-2s and B-52s.
  • Part 5 The Iranian Problem
    Iran has fired Surface to Air missiles on American ELINT recon group lead by a U-2. This is unacceptable! Immediate retaliatory Tomahawk strikes are ordered on the Iranian radar and SAM site.
  • Part 6 Tomahawk and AMRAAM
    I play with steering some Tactical Tomahawks and the battle for dominance in northern Pakistan continues!
  • Part 7 Strike and Battle
    An air battle continues to boil over in Northern Pakistan and the Tomahawks are reaching their targets!
  • Part 8 Tomahawk v Radar
    The battle continues with a Tomahawk Strike on a radar site!
  • Part 9 Pakistan Shock and Awe
    Okay its time to SHOCK AND AWE Pakistan! USS Ohio, prepare to begin shore bombardment!
  • Part 10 Collective Responsibility
    Iran has been determined as hostile. Time to strike!
  • Part 11 The Unstable World
    A bit of geopolitics is discussed, as well as the Tomahawks are inbound to targets!
  • Part 12 Tomahawk Interception


Episode 2 (streamed live on 9/29/2013) I started off with one of the scenarios bundled with the game; it was set in 2014 and I tangled with a few Chinese made PAC JF-17 Thunder above northern Afghanistan.

  • Part 1 Pakistan Crisis
    I play through Operation Lightning Strike. There is nothing more frightening to U.S. military planners than nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately the most likely places this could happen also present significant political and military challenges.
  • Part 2 Google Earth Livestream
    After that I tested out a utility I made to live stream or geostream data from Command into Google Earth on my stream’s viewers’ computers.
  • Part 3 GIUK Sandbox
    A sandbox GIUK 1980 scenario between a Soviet SAG (Surface Action Group) and American forces stationed on Iceland with a CVBG (Carrier Battle Group) moving to help oppose the Soviets.
  • Part 4 Shoot That Sat
    Someone in the stream’s chat had a question about ASAT weapons; so I immideately set out to intercept a Kosmos Soviet satellite using F-15 Eagles armed with ASM-135 ASAT anti-satellite multi-stage missiles. I expended 2 ASM-135’s and scored one hit on the ELINT sat.


Episode 1 (streamed live on 9/28/2013) is a recording of a game play stream which was broadcast live Friday night. I took questions from the chat room throughout; and talked about the thinking process one goes though when playing Command.

  • Part 1 Air Tutorial
    I play though the Air Tutorial while explaining terrain masking and other radar sensor oriented details.
  • Part 2 Submarine Tutorial
    I play though the Submarine Tutorial, sink 2 ships, 1 sub and evade a few torpedoes while discussing sonar physics and modern submarine ASW & ASuW tactics.
  • Part 3 Syria Sandbox
    Who knew nuking Syria with Israeli nukes would be so fun? I make up a sandbox scenario with 100+ Syrian air defense battalions being cleared out by a number of megaton ballistic missiles.


Baloogan Highlights Viewer suggested short videos focusing on one concept, all uploaded to the Baloogan YouTube channel.

  • Electronic Warfare (recorded 10/1/2013)
    I explore offensive ECM in Command over a 1967 scenario pitting Skyraiders with tactical nuclear bombs against SA-2 Guideline emplacements.
  • Image Intel Import Tool
    I use a tool for using real world image intelligence in your Command scenarios! Destroy REAL SAM sites!
  • Time on Target



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