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Episode 20 Stream Announcement

This week’s episode will focus on submarine combat! We shall be destroying hostile ‘boomer’ subs, other attack subs, setting up attacks on surface action groups and destroying entire soviet air regiments all from the safety of periscope depth! How can a submarine destroy aircraft? We will execute a time on target attack to destroy rearming […]

Episode 19 Stream

Episode 19 Stream Announcement

This Saturday I’ll be covering modern land combat! Putin has decided to ‘assist’ the Ukranian government in pacifying Kiev! Europe has decided to get involved in protecting the pro-EU protesters! Let us take a look at how Command treats Land Combat and what sort of effect an A-10 has on T-80s!! Please join us on […]

Online Database Viewer

I’m creating an online copy of the Database viewer in Command. So far only DB3000 Aircraft and Ships are started; but much more to come! Please take a look. The unit images expand when you click on them.

Episode 18 Stream

Episode 18 Stream Announcement

Hey all! This Saturday I’ll be showing you how to apply mount, weapon record and sensor modifications to your ships, submarines, facilities, and aircraft in Command! I will cover things like mounting the new LRASM, or sticking anti ballistic missile lasers on your F-16! Join us on Saturday, January 18th at 11:00 AM PST and […]

Episode 17 Stream