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Episode 16 Stream

Episode 16 Stream Announcement

Hey guys! This Saturday I’ll be focusing on how to make a scenario which randomizes its self on every play through! I’ll be making a few random scenarios complete with AI during the stream. I’ll be giving an update on Geoscape’s current status as well. Please join us on the 28th! Same early time: 11:00 […]

Episode 15 Stream

Thanks everyone! :) Merry Christmas!! -Baloogan PS: Please take a look at the Command Documentation Wiki. Some great community OOBs are the Australian Defense Force Order of Battle and some of the current American CARSTRKGRUs.

Episode 15 Stream Announcement

Version 1.02 of Command is out; just one more present under your tree from the folks at Warfare Sims! During this week’s episode I’ll be playing V1.02 and playing one of the shorter scenarios that comes with the game: The Tiger and the Dragon! I will be exploring the new features of Command V1.02! This […]

Episode 14 Stream

Episode 14 Announcement

This Saturday on the Baloogan Campaign! Trafalgar: The Rematch! Set in 2017! Starring Napoleon as the french petite-admiral, along with De Gaulle in person and in carrier! In the other corner we have Lord Nelson along with the original British bulldog, Winston Churchill! Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and F-35s! I’ll be creating this scenarios […]


Hey all! Just wanted to make a formal announcement of my next plugin: “Geoscape“! Geoscape is a multiplayer dynamic campaign for Command. ¬†Geoscape will take commands from players and determine when combat needs to be resolved. It then generates Joint Command matches for each theater and then Joint Command in turn generates Command scenarios! Geoscape […]