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Sahel Slugfest Released

Sahel Slugfest, my newest Command LIVE scenario, is now out.

My Newest EBook Is Out: Paint The Force Red

My newest ebook, Paint The Force Red, is now out on Kindle. It’s a brief guide to making fictional nations and their armed forces, something I’ve long been interested in (as any look at the OPFOR-tagged posts on this blog can indicate). My aim with Paint The Force Red was to illustrate the basics someone […]

Command Fiction Announcement

At my personal blog, I’ve started a new project. Every Wednesday, I aim to post a fictional vignette based on the aftermath of a Command scenario. So far they’ve been based on my own scenarios, although that may change. They may be viewed here. The two posted so far have been (with base scenario): –Democratic […]

Baloogan Campaign Wiki back up and running!

After a number of issues relating to upgrading the website, the Baloogan Campaign Wiki is back open for business! 

Command-related Posts on Coiler’s Creative Corner

Since I started Coiler’s Creative Corner, I’ve made a lot of posts on there. Since many of the Command-related posts have been pushed aside by the non-Command ones, I thought I’d give links to some of the ones on that topic, so people interested in wargaming don’t have to dig through posts on book reviews […]

Offline for a bit

Hey guys, Baloogan here. I’ll be offline for a day or so, reformatting my main computer. Chat is back!

A blogging announcement

For me, Coiler, Baloogan Campaign has been an extraordinary blogging opportunity and an excellent experience. I’ve built on that experience and have thus started a new blog on my own. Coiler’s Creative Corner will be a lot broader in terms of topics than my posts on this site, but given my interests, will undoubtedly feature […]