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Episode 8 Stream Announcement

This week’s live stream will be focusing on the Cold War Database and 1950s strategic nuclear combat! We are going to go toe-to-toe with the rooskies! Please join us this Saturday, 5:00PM PDT and help us explore WWIII in the 1950s! I will be playing the newest beta Build 454!

Episode 7 Stream

Thanks everyone for tuning in! Great stream tonight, lots of interesting chat topics! I’ll be uploading the stream to YouTube. Episode 7 Part 1 Custom Overlay Tutorial  Welcome back to Baloogan Campaign! Episode 7 focuses on creating and importing custom overlays for Command as well as what a Carrier Battle Group in 2025 might look […]

Episode 7 Stream Announcement

The stream is at the usual time on Saturday! (new viewers: check the time on the right!) I’m going to be covering the Custom Overlay feature of Command! Plus I have a Database Image Auto updating program I’d like to release! Currently it allows you to pick and choose from the images from the pack […]

Episode 6 Stream

Thanks for watching!! Cheers everyone! As always I’ll be uploading everything to YouTube. Episode 6 Scenario Editor Tutorial Part 1 Basic Paratroopers Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Completely uploaded!

Episode 6 Stream Announcement

I’m going to be live in about an hour from now! Stream going live at 5:00 PM PDT. Topic: Scenario Editor Tutorial! I will focus on the Scenario Editor; essentially doing a tutorial for the editor. I’m going to be taking questions from the chat as well as creating a few simple scenarios, playable from […]

Episode 5 Stream

Episode 5 finished! (Stream Archive) That was awesome! Thanks Mike! Episode 5 (streamed live on 10/12/2013) Mike Mykytyn joined us to talk about Command during this one! Part 1 Introducing Warfare Sims Mike Mykytyn, @Bostonmyk of Warfare Sims joins us for Episode 5! We talk about the history of Warfare Sims; also the origins of Command! Part […]

Episode 5 Stream Announcement

This comming Saturday (5pm PDT Oct 12th) I will have a special guest on the show: Mike Mykytyn!!!! I’ll be asking him questions about Command, WarfareSims and about the future of computer wargaming and modern naval combat! Also if you want to ask questions about the game you are more than welcome to join the […]