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PING! The Silent Service DLC is out!

The Silent Service DLC for Command, full of submarine-centric scenarios, has now been released. It’s available on Matrix and Steam.

Baloogan Campaign Wiki back up and running!

After a number of issues relating to upgrading the website, the Baloogan Campaign Wiki is back open for business! 

Command Questions and Answers

To help both experienced and new players alike who have questions about the game I’ve started a new question and answer site for Command players. Command Questions and Answers It’s built and run by you the command community. With your help we’re working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about […]

Platforms That Never Were: F-19

The F-19 is one of the most unusual hypothetical platforms in Command. Other such units are based off clear design specifications, while the F-19 is based off a mix of a misconception, a model, and a fiction book. The F-19 designation has been controversial from the start, as it was skipped over, from the F/A-18, […]

Exercise Scenarios-A Follow Up

I’ve posted a sort of follow-up to my recent post on exercise scenarios over at my own blog. There, I talk about how to make the same “actor” unit play different “characters” by equipping it with different loadouts. Coiler’s Creative Corner: One Fighter, Two Adversaries

Geography and Scenario Locations

There’s nothing in the editor constraining the geographical deployment of units in Command. If I want to put ten airfields full of B-52s in Bulgaria, I can do that. But even if there aren’t hard-coded restrictions on units in Command, there’s a lot of factors that push scenarios to specific areas. The two biggest factors […]

How to Name a German Unit

A Short History of the Bundeswehr Shortly after the end of the second world war the demand for a new (West) German army became clear, even though it was decided at the Potsdam Conference that Germany should be demilitarized. The German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer considered joining the NATO as one of the most important goals for […]