Episode 7 Stream

Thanks everyone for tuning in! Great stream tonight, lots of interesting chat topics!

I’ll be uploading the stream to YouTube.

Episode 7

  • Part 1 Custom Overlay Tutorial¬†
    Welcome back to Baloogan Campaign! Episode 7 focuses on creating and importing custom overlays for Command as well as what a Carrier Battle Group in 2025 might look like!
  • Part 2 The Airbase in Britian
    I work on Custom Overlays for RAF Fairford! I overlay an overlay on top of an overlay, it gets confusing from here on in!
  • Part 3 Operation Lightning Strike
    I return to Operation Lightning Strike and discuss creating a custom overlay for Bin Laden’s compound.
  • Part 4 The Chase
    Air battles continue! A P-3 Orion is chased out to sea; a pair of F-22 Raptors are tasked to clear the P-3’s six. They supercruise and fire BVR!
  • Part 5¬†Raptors to the Rescue
    My F-22 Raptors reach the P-3 Orion and fire AMRAAM BVR down the axis of the detected bogey!
  • Part 6 Capt. James Kirk of the Zumwalt
    I start a new scenario with a 2025 USN CVBG vs Brazil Land Based Air. James Kirk commanding the DDG-1000 Zumwalt!
  • Part 7 Brazil Air Defense
    I compose the Brazilian land based air defense. I guess as to who Brazil would buy aircraft and weapons from. I decided on French aircraft and Russian SAM.
  • Part 8 Magazine vs Mount vs Magazine
    I look at the difference between Weapons and Mounts and Magazines; as well as bring in custom overlays for the Brazilian airbases.
  • Part 9 Exocet Counterstrike
    I prepare the Brazilian Air Force to respond to any detected surface contact with a Exocet Strike.
  • Part 10 Brazilian BARCAP
    I set up Brazil’s defenses; they will respond automatically to any air contacts or surface contacts. Air contacts will get all the currently airborne aircraft to converge on the contact and surface contacts will make the Exocet armed aircraft to sortie.
  • Part 11 Phased Array
    I take a look at all the cool sensors in a Modern American Carrier Battlegroup! Including Phased Array radars that can be electronically steered!
  • Part 12 Convergence Zones
    I discuss physical oceanography as it pertains to modern naval combat!
  • Part 13 ICBMs, Espionage, and TOGO!
    I spawn Minot AFB complete with a good chunk of our Nuclear Deterrent! I also create overlays for a random airbase in Africa and discuss how Command might be breaking the law!
  • Part 14 Land Combat and the Ballistic Missiles!
    I spawn a small land combat simulation, a company of T-72s vs a platoon of Abrams! Also I track a ballistic missile as it flies into Canada!
  • Part 15 The AMRAAM Datalink
    I fire AMRAAMs from my F-35s at the hostile bogies! I discuss datalinks and how they are modeled in Command.
  • Part 16 Tactical Tomahawks!
    I end off Episode 7 with a Tomahawk strike on Brazilian ammo bunker installations! And the difference between the Blk III and Blk IV Tomahawk. Hint: The Blk IV Tactical Tomahawk is worth the extra $$$ :).


All uploaded!