Episode 2

Episode 2 (streamed live on 9/29) I started off with one of the scenarios bundled with the game; it was set in 2014 and I tangled with a few Chinese made PAC JF-17 Thunder above northern Afghanistan.

  • Part 1 Pakistan Crisis
    I play through Operation Lightning Strike. There is nothing more frightening to U.S. military planners than nuclear weapons falling into the wrong hands. Unfortunately the most likely places this could happen also present significant political and military challenges.
  • Part 2 Google Earth Livestream
    After that I tested out a utility I made to live stream or geostream data from Command into Google Earth on my stream’s viewers’ computers.
  • Part 3 GIUK Sandbox
    A sandbox GIUK 1980 scenario between a Soviet SAG (Surface Action Group) and American forces stationed on Iceland with a CVBG (Carrier Battle Group) moving to help oppose the Soviets.
  • Part 4 Shoot That Sat
    Someone in the stream’s chat had a question about ASAT weapons; so I immideately set out to intercept a Kosmos Soviet satellite using F-15 Eagles armed with ASM-135 ASAT anti-satellite multi-stage missiles. I expended 2 ASM-135’s and scored one hit on the ELINT sat.
    Video of the impact!!!

Its been an absolute blast streaming! I’m going to be streaming every Saturday at 5PM PDT for the next few weeks; so please tune in! I will be awnsering questions in the chat about the game, and about what I know about naval military history and fiction.

Thanks for tuning in.