Episode 3 Stream Announcement

Hi Wargamers!

I’m going to be streaming live today (Wednesday) at 5:00 pm PDT!

I decided I couldn’t wait till the weekend to continue Operation Lightning Strike; I really wanted to continue the scenario.

After the F-16 flights dueled some JF-17 elements northern Pakistan erupts into a cacophony of active radar emitters and new bogies! The F-22s are within 150 nm of the Pakistani coast! And some new surface contacts are detected between India and Pakistan! What will happen next? I have no idea…

I’ve upgraded my internet service, now I get 2.5 mbps rather than 0.5 mbps upload which means a faster, higher quality stream. An example of the new quality is the upload of my first Baloogan Highlight, in which I look at offensive electronic warfare.

Time till the stream goes live is listed on the sidebar on the right.

As always I’ll try to answer any questions you might have about the game or about naval operations and tactics. Please pass the word!