Episode 1

Hi Everyone,

I’ve started streaming Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations; did two huge sessions of streaming Command gameplay this weekend. About 8 hours all told!

Episode 1 (streamed live on 9/28) is a recording of a game play stream which was broadcast live Friday night. I took questions from the chat room throughout; and talked about the thinking process one goes though when playing Command.

  • Part 1 Air Tutorial
    I play though the Air Tutorial while explaining terrain masking and other radar sensor oriented details.
  • Part 2 Submarine Tutorial
    I play though the Submarine Tutorial, sink 2 ships, 1 sub and evade a few torpedoes while discussing sonar physics and modern submarine ASW & ASuW tactics.
  • Part 3 Syria Sandbox
    Who knew nuking Syria with Israeli nukes would be so fun? I make up a sandbox scenario with 100+ Syrian air defense battalions being cleared out by a number of megaton ballistic missiles.

Coming next: Episode 2 is currently uploading; in it I played another non-tutorial scenario that came with the game, Operation Lightning Strike. As well as tested a Google Earth Live Geostream of Command game play. Then I created a sandbox GIUK 1980 scenario between a Soviet SAG (Surface Action Group) and American forces stationed on Iceland with a CVBG (Carrier Battle Group) moving to help oppose the Soviets. Finally, I intercepted a Soviet satellite using F-15 Eagles armed with ASM-135 ASAT anti-satellite multi-stage missiles.

Thanks to all who watched the streams; especially whoever wanted to see a satellite interception. That was fun!