Episode 15 Stream Announcement

Version 1.02 of Command is out; just one more present under your tree from the folks at Warfare Sims!

During this week’s episode I’ll be playing V1.02 and playing one of the shorter scenarios that comes with the game: The Tiger and the Dragon! I will be exploring the new features of Command V1.02!

This hypothetical scenario assumes another dramatic collapse of relations between India and China takes place in mid-2019. India moves a strong naval force centered on the aircraft carrier Vikramaditya (Ex-Gorshkov) into the South China Sea. Worried about India’s growing naval presence in such areas of strategic concern, China has decided to answer the Indian move which they view as nothing less than a challenge, and sends the aircraft carrier Liaoning (Ex-Varyag) to intercept.

No Hornets in this carrier vs carrier fight!

Please join us at Saturday, 11:00 AM PST!

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