Episode 14 Announcement

This Saturday on the Baloogan Campaign!

Trafalgar: The Rematch! Set in 2017!

Starring Napoleon as the french petite-admiral, along with De Gaulle in person and in carrier!

In the other corner we have Lord Nelson along with the original British bulldog, Winston Churchill!

Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers and F-35s!

I’ll be creating this scenarios live during the stream from pre-researched theoretical Orders of Battle for the Spanish Armada, French Forces and the pride of the Royal Navy!

England expects that every man will do his D U T Y!

I will also be showing off Geoscape in its very earliest form. In addition a new Command Wiki has been created at so please start creating wiki pages! Everyone can edit!

So please join us at the new stream time at 11:00 AM PST on Saturday!