Wargame of the Year Stream

The Baloogan Campaign stream will return this saturday with a special ‘Command: Wargame of the Year’ stream! On Friday Command is coming to Steam!

I’m planning to play Under African Skies, a community scenario made by Feltan. (Matrix thread) A scenario set in 2017 about a US task force attacking a China backed Nigeria.

The date of the event was Sunday, January 22, 2017. The time was 1:03 PM on the East Coast of the United States. The new American President had been sworn into office forty-eight hours ago, and this day he was in the White House with VIP guests, donors, campaign staff, family and friends. This privileged group, like tens of millions of Americans that day, is glued to the big screen television. Today is the highly anticipated American Football Conference Championship; the semi-final before the Super Bowl. The much hyped game was between the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens, and kick-off at Mile High Stadium in Denver just happened to the cheers of these elite party goers. The smart money said Denver would walk away with an easy victory – and since the new President hailed from Colorado, no one at the White House was wearing a Raven’s jersey. No one, that is, except the Senate Minority Leader who was from the opposing political party. It was all great fun. Spirits were high, the beer was flowing and the White House Chief of Staff couldn’t have been happier with the electric atmosphere and upbeat photo ops that could only benefit his new boss. Little did anyone know that before half-time arrived, the country would forever be changed.

Would you like to know more?

Please join us on Saturday at 5:00 pm PDT for a live stream of Command: Wargame of the Year Edition.

In other news I’ve opened an affiliate sales account to sell Command; a special link to buy Command is available to the right. A Steam key as well as a DRM-free copy of Command. Using that link means that Baloogan Campaign gets 30%. :)

There have been a significant amount of improvements to Command since release. One might ask, “What does ‘Wargame of the Year Edition’ mean?” This page outlines all the new features since V1.00.

As always our chatroom is open to all; if you have a question about Command or even just want to chat about geopolitics, military technology & history please drop by!

And finally, I’ve set up a Tumblr Image/Video blog comprised of images and videos from the Baloogan Campaign Chatroom. Any image or youtube video posted to the chatroom is automatically uploaded there.