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Energy Pricing and Conflict: Inverse Co-Relation for OPEC

Dozens have been killed in a gun and bomb attack during prayers at one of the biggest mosques in the northern Nigerian city of Kano, officials say. This attack is unsurprising given the falling prices of oil. What I expect to see is an increase in acts of terorrism in export-revenue dependant oil-producing nations. The […]

Russians in the Coral Sea

Uninvited guests: Varyag & Shapshonikov, both Russian ships are cruising towards Brisbane in concert with the G20 forum. Two Australian frigates, the HMAS Parramatta and Stuart, are enroute to “flank and monitor” Russian activity. Russians: The Varyag is Russia’s Pacific flagship: a Slava-class guided missile cruiser. Very mean looking with her 16x Anti Ship Missile tubes loaded […]

Russia, the world is watching.

Russia put SA-11’s in rebel hands and triple digit Europeans died in an attack as a result. Step up EU.  Netherlands: 173 Malaysia: 44 (including 15 crew and two infants) Australia: 27 Indonesia: 12 (including one infant) United Kingdom: 9 Germany: 4 Belgium: 4 Philippines: 3 Canada: 1 New Zealand: 1 Unconfirmed nationalities: 20

Upcoming Ukraine 2014 Stream

On Saturday, March 8th I’ll be presenting a simulation of the situation in Ukraine using Command version 1.03. With me, will be Dimitris Dranidis and Mike Mykytyn of Warfare Sims. Version 1.03 Changelog Preliminary Ukrainian Crisis order of battle: Flashpoint: Ukraine 2014 Link to stream: Baloogan Campaign Stream starts at 11:00 AM PST. Follow me on […]

Ukraine 2014 – Part Two

Please pray for the people of Ukraine, who are facing the Bear alone. Thread on Matrix Forums about the events in Ukraine Ukrainian News Channel I’ve prepared a Command scenario with force distribution from OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) sources. Available in Matrix Forums thread linked above.          

Ukraine 2014 – Part One

Right now it seems as though Simferopol International Airport, the Building of the Supreme Council of Crimea and Belbek Airport have been seized by unknown special forces. 204th Tactical Aviation Brigade is based out of Belbek Airport; which flies 39x MiG-29s. Ukrainian Order of Battle Russian Order of Battle Sources: […]