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The Power of Overlays

One of the great things patch 1.07 added to the game was the possibility to load several layers of overlays automatically and an easier way to build a package to distribute them together with your scenarios. Overlays make the game more beautiful and add a great amount of immersion to the game. Preparations To make […]

Modeling Political Influence in Command

Political restrictions and influences have always played a part in war, and several Command scenarios have taken this into account. To what degree political difficulties should be implemented depends greatly on the context on the scenario. The tools a scenario designer can use include: geographic restrictions, point penalties, indirect political effects and the briefing. Geographic […]

Lua as a Force Multiplier

  Integrated in Command version 1.06,  the Lua scripting language is a new “Event Action” type in the Scenario Editor’s established Event Engine allowing for altering elements of the running scenario. Baloogan, Tomcat and ckfinite have produced an excellent documentation explaining how to use Lua in Command scenarios. What I want to share with you here is my non-advanced user experience of […]

Armée de l’Air 101

Trying to figure out French Air Force units’ name meaning can result in a serious headache so here’s a quick guide that will hopefully alleviate the pain.   Let’s start with an example: “EC 03.004 Limousin“. EC: is the “role” acronym. More on that later. 03.004: here are the “Escadron” (squadron) designation followed by its original “Escadre” (Wing) one, so this squadron […]

Possibilities of Sortie Generation Rate Modelling

The ability to change sortie rates from “Surge” (faster) to “Sustained” in 1.06 of Command has been very beneficial. For the player wanting to be a munchkin/enthusiast, flipping “quick-turn-around” to on and enjoying a rapid back-and-forth between base and target can be enjoyable, as the aircraft strikes three times in three hours. For the player […]

Thoughts on Command Scenario Design

Of all the excellent features in Command: Modern Air/Naval Operations, the scenario editor stands out. Both comprehensive and easy to use, it allows a vast amount of scenario creation and experimentation. In fact, it’s so fluid that many of my “scenario plans” have turned into nothing but me fooling around in the editor, seeing how […]

Command Imports Highlight

One important feature of Command is the ability to import preset arrangements of units and facilities. For example here is a map of static Ukrainian Air Defense sites! Zoom in and click on their markers, its pretty cool! Plus a map of static Ukrainian air defence radars I also have a my Ukraine map index, Russian map index as well […]