Episode 9 Joint Command Stream Announcement

I’d like to arrange a public test of my multiplayer plugin for this Saturday! I’ve created a plugin for Command called Joint Command. It is turn-based, and has a real PBEM (Play by email) feel to it; though Joint Command takes care of sending the required files around.

I will be accepting all beta applications during and before the stream. Please email me at, or comment below with your email to apply in advance, but also feel free to request beta access during the stream!

I will play with you in your own scenario of your own creation, or in any scenario you would like! I’ll be playing my turns on the live during the stream! 1v1, 2vAI, 2v2, 2v1 any setup you might like can happen!

Please limit your scenarios’ size, 500 unit maximum. My poor computer can’t take live streaming, running Command multiplayer turns, creating Google Earth databases, and huge Command scenarios all at once!

Also if anyone wants to play versus each other in the chat at the same time as the stream please feel free! I will be commenting on the Google Earth output as your scenarios progress on the stream! Please have Command build 460 and Google Earth installed before the stream.

Joint Command is still in beta; there have been some very successful matches so far but the purpose of this test is to overload Joint Command so I can see where it fails when it’s overloaded with games and players.

So please join us this Saturday November 16th, 5:00 PM PST and let’s destroy things together!


Google Earth Files: (The ones without labels are cooler to look at but aren’t as useful a tool tactically.

ArmyVet_1v1.db.South Force

ArmyVet_1v1.db.South Force.x  (Has no labels)


BalooganKushanB456.db.North Force

BalooganKushanB456.db.North Force.x  (Has no labels)



CVBG_1v1v1.db.Loyalists.x (Has no labels)

Currently ongoing matches:

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