Regaining Lua Skill

I love using Lua in Command. I wrote a post on how to use Lua.

Then I started struggling. Thanks to a variety of issues and reasons, I hadn’t done major scenario scripting in a while. So, now that I’m returning to it, it’s the same feeling one gets when doing something again that you haven’t done in some time. Practice makes perfect and you need to keep practicing.

And I should practice. One reason is that it’s good training for computer skills in general, always something nice to have. But even only in the context of the game itself, I’ve found that my fondest scenarios are the ones with Lua in them. Maybe I’ve just made too many scenarios without Lua that the ones with it stand out, or maybe it’s the feeling of greater work resulting in greater satisfaction with the end result. And bizarrely, Lua may make me stick with one in-depth scenario rather than ping-ponging around unfinished ones.