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Why the F-35?

The F-35 is one of those projects that people love to hate, and it’s very easy to do so. It’s incredibly expensive (the entire program, out to about 2050, will end up costing nearly $1 trillion), the aircraft itself has had teething issues, and questions have been raised about more or less every aspect of […]

Lua in Play – Using Lua to Implement Scenario Functionality

Lua provides a vast number of new possibilities for scenario creators, letting you automate tasks. Today we’re going to discuss how you can use Lua in a real scenario, using my upcoming Operation Fei Lian as an example. We’ll discuss how to integrate Lua into your scenario¬†development workflow, and also how to implement solutions to […]

A-10 and the Future of US Close Air Support

The A-10 is a program that the USAF loves to try and cancel, and recently there was a big push for it. Chopping entire fleets of aircraft saves an awful lot of money, and they needed the crews to help with the F-35A entry into service. However, the A-10 is a much loved airplane, and […]