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Command 1.11 RC 1

Command 1.11 RC1 is released! Get it here:

E-6B Doomsday Plane is using “Trump” as radio callsign

A plane spotted by chatroom regular blh42 (who is awesome, he builds racing drones!) spotted a E-6 flying over the US using the callsign ‘TRUMP’. I quickly asked his permission to retweet, and retweet it I did! The Aviationist and War is Boring picked up the story! Thanks blh!

Command 1.10 released!

Download link: Steam Workshop support! Download scenarios from the community, publish scenarios with a click! • Waypoints for cruise missile attacks: Plan and execute complex, multi-leg cruise missile strikes just like on real-life ops in Syria, Afghanistan and elsewhere! • Cooperative Engagement Capability (CEC / NIFC-CA): “Blind” cooperative missile shots and other abilities that […]

Offline for a bit

Hey guys, Baloogan here. I’ll be offline for a day or so, reformatting my main computer. Chat is back!

Command Crossword

Just for a bit of fun! Thanks to Coiler for the idea!

Don’t be Afraid to Invent New Bad Guys

I came across this post from Aivlis who posted this excellent post on the Command Matrix Forum’s Options for Black Sea Conflict thread.  The one thing that I notice in a lot of the “Cold War 2.0” scenarios is a disregard for believable strategy or goals on the Russian side, which is also invariably the antagonist. People like to […]

Command Questions and Answers

To help both experienced and new players alike who have questions about the game I’ve started a new question and answer site for Command players. Command Questions and Answers It’s built and run by you the command community. With your help we’re working together to build a library of detailed answers to every question about […]