The Hired Goons Campaign

One of the most inventive uses of Command to tell an unconventional story is Yooper’s “Hired Goons” interactive Let’s Play. Inspired by the old game Strike Commander  , it involves thread participants voting on everything from procurement (which as of this post is the main topic of the thread as the team replenishes its losses) to strategy to tactical plans.

The traditional settings of wargames are tossed aside in favor of a somewhat tasteless and darkly humorous near-future where PMCs wielding a hodgepodge of everything but the kitchen sink are the main force of combat. The Hired Goons are one such group. So far they’ve done a frankly amazing job, all things considered. As of now, the Goons are reconstituting their force after a bitterly fought campaign in the Bering area where they suffered heavy losses, including most of their air-to-air fighters. Much discussion/argument will undoubtedly ensue over what to get.

The recordings of the streamed Hired Goons missions, along with plot videos, can be viewed here.