More OPFOR Manuals

In light of my post on my fake countries, I might as well share some more real fake countries, and no, that is not an oxymoron. Here’s the second volume of my OPFOR manual collection. Alongside the Circle Trigon/Krasnovian/Donovian manuals in the first post (visible here), this contains several Commonwealth OPFORs.

“Musorian” soldiers in the field.

The added manuals in the collection are:

  • Declassified British GENFORCE manuals. They come in three categories:
  • “Basic Forces”, a fairly typical late-Soviet equivalent.
  • “Mobile Forces”, a planned/theorized Soviet-Russian model with more advanced equipment and a different structure of some units.
  • “ROWEN” (Rest Of World ENemy), a “Third World”, lower-end OPFOR. Interestingly, the ROWEN model is more mechanized and “heavier” than the American “Light OPFOR” of the same time period.
  • Australian “Musorian” manuals. The Musorians have been a longstanding foe for the Australians, and the current manual allows them to be either strong or weak, light or heavy.

Volume 2, with both the old American manuals and newer additions, can be accessed here.