Baloogan Campaign 2015 started back in August 2013 as a place to organize recordings of my streams of Command and other games as well as providing future stream scheduling. Before BalooganCampaign I’ve been interested in Warfare Sims for more than a decade now.

Throughout 2014 BC expanded to include a YouTube channel, a set of plugins, a chatroom, a wiki, a Command database viewer, a tumblr photo/video blog, a twitter feed, and a forum. Most importantly I got to know a number of you guys who make up our little community.

2014 saw a number of BC milestones, 1.5 million hits on the wiki, 1300 subscribers on YouTube, 200 followers on, 275 twitter followers, 5000 community submitted posts on the tumblr photo blog, and a quarter million unique sessions on! Truly a banner year for BC!

With the dawn of a new year I’m very pleased to introduce the first Baloogan Campaign authors: Coiler12, JanMasterson & MiGF.

Coiler12 is a prolific scenario author, with many scenarios released and in the community scenario pack. Chances are you have played a Coiler12 scenario! He brings his expertise in Command scenario design to the table, along with his Command experience too!

JanMasterson shares his insight into European militaries. His article on french air force designations as well as his work on orders of battle (Italian Navy, Chinese Air Force, Danish Navy, Dutch Navy) have shined a spotlight onto topics that usually fly under the radar.

What will 2015 bring?

  • More streams!
  • More articles!
  • More authors!
  • And a podcast!

I’m working on doing a series of podcasts titled “Please Remain Calm” with TheHistoricalGamer focusing on all the issues in the world that give you a really warm and fuzzy feeling. Warm, from the thermonuclear fireball; and fuzzy from the radiation poisoning!