Episode 24 Stream Announcement

Version 1.03 has been released!

This Saturday (11:00 AM PDT) I’ll be playing a scenario that comes with Command: Iron Hand 2014!

Orders for Cmdr Russian Forces


Tensions between Armenia and Azerbaijan have risen to the highest levels since the skirmishes of 2008. Azerbaijan is clearly the aggressor making outward threats to use its air defense forces to enforce an air blockade of Nagorno-Karabakh and greater Armenia itself. Russia must act to restore stability to the region.

Enemy Forces

Azerbaijan continues to maintain a significant air defense system. They have recently fielded a battalion of S-300 missiles which are likely deployed near Baku. Their legacy systems include significant numbers of EW radar sites, SA-2, SA-3, SA-4 and SA-5 systems as well fielding a small fleet of MiG-29 fighters at Nasosnaya Air Base and GanjaAirport.


Task Organization

Engels Air Base: Tu-22M-3M Backfire C, Tu-160 Blackjack, Tu-95MSM Bear H, A-50 Mainstay, Tu-22MR Backfire

Mozdok Air Base: Il-20M Coot A, Su-24MR Fencer E

Akhtubinsk Air Base: Su-24M2 Fencer D, Su-34 Fullback, Il-78 Midas, Su-24MP Fencer F, Su-27S Flanker B

Erebuni Airport (Armenia): 8 Su-25M Frogfoot A, 2 Mi-8PPA Hip K

Shirak Airport (Armenia): 12 MiG-29S Fulcrum C

SS-26 Stone/Iskander M Battalion




You are to destroy all Azerbaijani S-300, SA-4 and SA-5 air defense sites without excessive loss to your own forces within three days.


You are to use forces at hand to search for and destroy all known SA-10, SA-5 and SA-4 SAM sites. You may destroy any Azerbaijani unit that tracks or engages you in any way however keep in mind this is a limited attack and not one meant to annihilate the Azerbaijani Air Force. Please refrain from attacking airfields.

High command has made it clear that aircraft losses (and especially the capture of our pilots in enemy territory) will have politically unacceptable consequences. You are therefore ordered to develop a low risk strategy for reducing enemy air defences based using our superior stand-off weapons capability to the full.


Gain 100 Points for any destroyed SA-4, SA-5 or SA-10 SAM site.

Lose 100 for any lost aircraft.


Command & Signal


Command: Engels Air Base

Signal: EMCON State C, unrestricted emissions

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