Episode 10 Stream Announcement

Date/Time: 19 January, 1976 / 23:00:00 Zulu (November 23rd 2013, 5:00 PM PST)

Location:Gulf of Aden


In 1972 the Soviet Union signed an agreement with Somalia to improve and modernize the port of Berbera in return for Soviet access to the facility. Access to Berbera gave the Soviet Union the ability to counter United States military activities in the strategically important Indian Ocean and Persian Gulf region. The port was built into a Soviet naval base with missile storage facilities for the Soviet Fleet, an airfield with runways capable of handling naval bombers, and extensive radar and communications facilities. Berbera became even more important after Egypt expelled all Soviet advisers that same year.

Six hours ago an EKA-3B from USS Oriskany crashed in northern Somalia, the EKA-3B Raven 21 was on a Ferret mission to the Soviet bases at Berbera in Somalia. Last comms report from the Raven 21 was “SAM lock-on activating counter-measures”.

The USS Tarawa Amphibious Group en-route from Aden has deployed a recovery team to the “Down Bird” site, and the USS Oriskany Strike Group is moving at flank speed to provide support. Somalia has told the United States that any further encroachments into her air space with be met by hostile force. At present Somali and Soviet forces are trying to locate the crash site to recover the crew and any intelligence information.


1. Effect safe rescue of downed bird crew (CSAR helos will be airborne in 3 hrs).

2. CSAR helos are to be given full protection whilst on the ground and in the air.

3. Any hostile intent from Soviet and Somali forces will be met with similar force.

4. Any loss of CSAR helo’s will result in a “Mission Failure”.

Command & Signal

Command: USS Oriskany

Signal: EMCON State B, limited emissions: Plan Falcon