I have a military-themed ebook out

I, Coiler, have a new ebook out. It’s called the Volunteer Force Threat Brief, and it’s on Kindle here.

I’ll be honest. This may be one of the first literary tributes to an OPFOR manual out there. Those were, no joke, one of the primary inspirations for this. I’ve had this army called the Volunteer Force that I’ve used in my other fiction. It originated in concept as an antagonist, then it both developed and mellowed out. So it became a background force and now has “cooled” to the point where I could put a reasonable protagonist as a member of it.

So, I had all this inspiration, all this technical stuff about the VF in my mind. Yet I didn’t feel it was quite “right” to work into one of my (still-in-progress) narratives. So I thought “if I could do something in the vein of one of those old OPFOR manuals, only with more fun and less field-manualese, then I could reasonably put at least of the stuff I have in my mind about the Volunteer Force in it”. And thus, the Volunteer Force Threat Brief was born. Enjoy.