Command v.1.07 Release Candidate 1 (Build 673)


To install: Simply unzip/extract on your current Command installation folder (typically this is ‘C:\Matrix Games\Command – Modern Air Naval Operations’ or similar). Answer “yes” to any overwrite requests.

NOTE: This is an unofficial, pre-release build. Please make sure to backup/rename your current Command.exe file if you need to revert to your current version. Use at your own risk.

v1.07 Release Notes (changes since v1.06/B624)


* Weapon Release Authorization (WRA). See here:

* Mission Editor 2.0 . See here:

* Scenario Attachments (aka auto-bundling). See here:



Updated functionality
– Ignore plotted course when attacking: moved to doctrine
– Hold Fire turned into doctrine setting and merged with Engage Unknown to become Weapon Control Setting (WCS)
– Added menu item to window for configuring Quick Turnaround for airborne aircraft
– Added menu item to window for setting fuel and airborne time for airborne aircraft

Doctrine changes
– Doctrine tab in Doctrine window re-done
– EMCON tab in Doctrine window updated
– Added Weapon Release Authorization (WRA) tab to Doctrine window
– Ctrl + Shift + F9 opens side-wide Doctrine window

Air Ops (F6) window
– Added ‘Assign to mission’ button to allow the player to assign aircraft to missions
– Added ‘Doctrine’ button to update various setting for aircraft whilst still on the ground
– Added context (right mouse-click) menu

Boat Ops (F7) window
– Window redone, added ‘Abort launch’ button and synched looks and functionality with AirOps
– Added ‘Assign to mission’ button to allow the player to assign boats to missions
– Added ‘Doctrine’ button to update various setting for boats whilst still in dock/davit
– Added context (right mouse-click) menu

Land range for weapons
– Added ‘Land range’ for weapons, to separate surface and land gunnery ranges for large-caliber guns. For example, surface range for the 16 inch guns on the Iowa class is 12nm (fire control limitations), while land range is 21nm (max ballistic range).
– Added ‘Land Weapons’ range rings. Harpoon anti-ship missiles and Tomahawk TLAMs now have separate range rings.
– Range rings take into account nuclear weapons release doctrine, showing the TLAM-N and TLAM-C ranges depending on whether nuclear release has been granted or not.

Weapon Allocation (‘Attack Target’) window
The Weapon Allocation window has been re-designed. One of the most noticeable changes is the ability to multi-select targets and assign salvos to all with one mouse click. This functionality uses the Weapon Release Authorization (WRA) table to automatically create fire missions with pre-defined weapon quantities. It should be noted that assigning salvos this way does not take into account shooter limitations or automatic fire range limitations. Pressing the ‘Assign Salvo’ button multiple times will add additional salvo quantities of weapons.

Another significant change is that the number weapons fired or already impacted as part of the ongoing salvo are displayed alongside yet-to-fire (assigned) weapons. This means the player gets a much better overview of what targets are currently under fire and the weapons involved.

The updated window also allows the player to add and remove shooting units and targets. In theory, this means that the player only needs to open the window once per scenario, and add/remove units and targets as needed. Destroyed units and targets are automatically cleared from the list.

Finally, the player can now resize the window, and it will also auto-update when the player runs the simulator. The player can also de-allocate large quantities of weapons with one mouse click.

Mission Editor
* The “Area Editor” component (used on mission editor etc.) has a new button: “Highlight + center on selected”. If one or more reference points are currently selected, clicking this button highlights them and brings the map camera to their geographic center. This is useful, for example, for quickly seeing and moving around the reference points that comprise a patrol area.

Contact management
* New UI feature: You can now filter-out a selected contact (“Filter-out” command on the contact context/right-click menu). Filtered-out contacts are shown ghosted and no information on their movement vector, sensor & weapon range symbols and AoU is presented on the map. This can be useful if you have a lot of contacts of no interest (e.g neutrals) on the map and want to eliminate the clutter they create. [Inspired by the gazillion whales on “Opening Moves”]. You can cancel a contact’s filter-out status the same way.

You can temporarily override a contact’s filtered-out status by hovering the mouse cursor over it. This allows filtering-out multiple contacts to reduce map clutter, and then checking them individually “at a glance” to determine if they’re worth reseting their filter-out.

* The DB viewer now lists additional information for mounts & weapons (compatible directors, autonomous, local control possible etc.)


* Thoroughly revised mechanics for the endgame of AAW weapons against aircraft:

a) Speed is life: Most AAW weapons are optimized for engaging highly-subsonic (500-600 kts) targets since this is by far the most common flight regime in the jet age. Target aircraft at higher speed are proportionally more difficult to engage both for guns and guided weapons. The degradation depends on the maximum target speed of the AAW weapon (listed on the DB viewer); for example a SAM with a 1500-kts max target speed will be severely degraded against a 1200-knot target while a missile with a 5000-kt max target speed will barely notice the difference. This makes high-speed aircraft like the SR-71 and MiG-25R (and UAVs like the D-21 and Tu-123) very tough targets even if the intercept geometry is achieved, which is consistent with RL reports.

This also means that an aircraft evading a missile (and having its speed reduced as a result of the manouver) will, for at least a few seconds, have reduced ability to dodge subsequent attacks until it accelerates again to higher speed. This means that oft-quoted real combat examples like the “Kosovo Slammer Dodger” (the Serbian MiG-29 that evaded 3 AMRAAMs before finally succumbing to the fourth, probably because it was close to stall speed by then) are actually now reproducible in the sim. So ripple-fire those AAMs/SAMs!

b) The evasion bonus must now be earned: Until now all aircraft got their full evasion bonus (as long as they detected the incoming weapon) regardless of their actual geometry at the time of impact. This allowed players to “cheat” by disabling auto-evasion on an aircraft, heading stright down their target (or enemy shooter) and still get the full evasion modifier. Now however, the projected impact angle is critical: High-deflection (“crossing target”) impacts maximize the agility effect, while head-on (less so) and tail-on (severely more so) impacts significantly reduce the actual evasion modifier (with further variations for forward-oblique and rear-oblique geometries). So now it often comes down to “beam or die”, as in known RL engagements.

* AAW missiles attacking small-or-larger size ships/facilities disable their proximity (airburst) fuzes and rely on direct impact instead. Primary damage delivery is through impact kinetic energy.

* Sub battery recharge rate has been significantly increased. Also now the recharge rate is maximum when creeping, and reduces as throttle setting increases.

* Doctrine for landed aircraft use new inheritance rules for Air Ops Tempo and Quick Turnaround, so that aircraft will use the Air Ops Tempo and Quick Turnaround setting of the base they’re currently staying unless explicitly set on the aircraft themselves or their mission: Unit – mission – host – host’s mission – host’s group – side

* New ‘Weapon Control Status’ (WCS) replaces ‘Fire at unidentified contact’ doctrine and the Hold Fire functionality for units. The WCS settings are:
— WEAPONS FREE – fire at any contact not positively identified as friendly
— WEAPONS TIGHT – fire only at contacts positively identified as hostile
— WEAPONS HOLD – do not fire except in self defence (manual only)

* Airborne aircraft assigned to strike mission via right-click menu or Unit -> Assign To Mission will have flightplans automatically generated for them.



* Includes rebuilt & updated versions of all official scenarios.

* Includes the latest versions of the DB3000 & CWDB.

– 0008476: Landed aircraft need to inherit Air Ops Tempo and Quick Turnaround via Host Unit / Group / Mission
– 0008596: DB3k; EF2000 Long Range Loadout strange
– 0004362: Ability to control fire rates and engagement parameters with GUI suggestions
– 0000148: Setting weapon assigment for the weapon itself.
– 0006535: Issue with 2 SAMs allocated to every Vampire routine
– 0006536: Possible solution for weapons over allocation
– 0001512: How can I avoid having the AI shoot SA-5s at *EVERYTHING*?
– 0000143: Missiles fired from several mounts at one target?
– 0002244: Attack in ‘salvos’ rather than ’rounds’
– 0007062: MiG-29 not engaging target under constant fire by SA-2/3/5
– 0007692: Harpoons from Mk13 fire first two weapons in 4 seconds (wrong) then 8 sec (correct)
– 0005070: Two-on-one weapon allocation issue (wack for SARH weapons)
– 0006037: Weapons Allocation Logic: AI overallocating
– 0002097: Reserve targets (Re: Shooting Sparrows and Phoenixes simultaneously)
– 0004154: Are these OODA loop limitations reasonable?
– 0007860: OODA loop starts too late?
– 0007897: [536] WAD? OODA loop does not countdown for neutrals
– 0000567: Sub to Ship Torpedo Weapon allocation too high
– 0003712: AI Overkill
– 0008644: 0008643: CWDB; Make sure commercial VC-10 isn’t set as a tanker
– 0008605: CWDB: Small radar issue with CVN 65
– 0008604: CWDB: UK F-4’s
– 0008676: CWDB Update: Icon off for CA 124. Check ship type
– 0006416: Doctrine and ROE Window cropped at 125 dpi
– 0007835: ASuW missions using Auto Planner sets wrong alt
– 0008453: Separate range/Pok/CEP stats for surface and land targets (Iowa guns, etc)
– 0004792: OODA should start counting when unit detects target
– 0008649: [620] Strange Ship Group Behavior at Support Mission Waypoint
– 0000507: Smarter weapon allocation for ship to ship combat
– 0005600: Attack Doctorine Improvement suggestion- Better evaluation of best weapon
– 0002110: Overkill, 16 RBS 15 vs one enemy corvette.
– 0003829: Alloc of Large Missile vs.Tiny Ship problem (SS-N-19 vs Boghammar)
– 0002013: Stack missiles in time
– 0007537: UI Suggestion 3: Assigning aircraft missions
– 0006428: “Ignore plotted course when attacking” and “Hold fire” as side doctrines, not particular options
– 0006281: Height finder radars don’t scan and don’t have white range rings
– 0008414: Database Viewer: Luanch depths of underwater weapons
– 0008230: Precise Emitter ID should say Specific Emitter ID
– 0007881: Configure OOM safety measures
– 0008097: Closing windows cause main form to minimize
– 0008293: UI Improvement: Unit Status – Exposing EMCON etc
– 0005292: Beta Testers would like more weapons control
– 0003688: Use correct terms: Weapon Control Status (WCS) [not ROE] – 0004609: ROE Dialog- Default settings and ok buttons.
– 0008301: Weapon range circles should take nuke doctrine into account
– 0005575: Suggestion for simplified EMCON handling
– 0008683: CloneModifiedUnit should use MemoryStream rather than FileStream
– 0008710: Enemy can see range rings for loadouts
– 0001938: SBR: Set fuel quantity (low pri)
– 0002986: Surface units able to counter fire against torpedos
– 0003966: Be able to lock weapons on or allocate a weapons system on a target
– 0005602: ARH missiles often go after or assigned to the same target
– 0005520: [421] Airborne weapons dont show in allocation
– 0005343: ‘Deallocate all’ option in weapon alloc window
– 0004752: Weapon Alloc Window: Weapon Allocated To Selected Target subwindow is empty
– 0004542: Testers would like the abilty to turn weapons on or off
– 0006342: Multiple airgroups attacking the same AAW target
– 0006244: More detailed opportunity fire model and weapons’s allocation logic: F-16 attacks AAA site instead
– 0005802: Weapon alloc: ability to de-allocate all (1000 gun shells) with one click
– 0005776: Weapon alloc: un-committed quantities of weapons are not being counted down as they are allocated.
– 0007666: Weapons Allocation Dialog: Suitable Weapons list
– 0007459: HF sensors do not search
– 0007438: CWIS vs GBU-10 point-defence calcs
– 0007321: Possible CIWS engagement problem
– 0007315: Manual alloc window allows over-allocation
– 0006823: [B490] (LOW PRIORITY) Weapon allocation window is not resizable
– 0006748: Land vs surface gunnery ranges
– 0006465: [481] Time delays in weapons dialog should count down
– 0008615: [618] Weapon logic message seems to be trap in an infinite loop
– 0008595: [B617] Minor Issue – SS-N-4 missle stops in flight
– 0008227: HF’s are not giving height information
– 0007673: B538 – Bearing only launch – can allocated pods etc although they don’t fire- Dialog glitch
– 0008708: Unable to launch helos
– 0008675: [B623] ASW aircraft wont drop torps after two deleted
– 0008750: [624] Crash during Import Import
– 0008691: Freeze/Crash in 623
– 0008757: [624] Scenario Crash
– 0008756: [624]Consistent Game Crash
– 0008758: [624] Shamal Game Crash
– 0008759: [624] Crash
– 0008404: Add ‘deselect all ref points’ hotkey (Ctrl+End) and menu item
– 0008790: Audio causing Out of memory errors
– 0008782: WRA and Default First Contact Scenarios: WCS set to engage unknown contacts
– 0008780: Spelling issue
– 0006475: Brass Drum issues
– 0008791: How to select / find a specific RP
– 0008327: Refererence Point de-selection hotkey
– 0008505: Speed and Alt Dialog checkbox issues
– 0008786: [624/628] Unit proficiency not affecting min altitude
– 0008715: [625] Under African Skies Crash
– 0006844: [493] depth charges and hedgehogs damaging firing ship
– 0000963: Ships should keep outside of blast damage from own shells
– 0008778: Should not be able to select ref point while plotting course
– 0006871: SBR: delete statement does not take ID# into account
– 0007083: Ship on patrol mission go after aircraft
– 0004922: Fighters intercepting ballistic missiles
– 0003034: Surface Ships Manuever to Intercept Targets They Cannot Possibly Intercept
– FIXED: Weapon has ‘weapon button’
– 0008779: Helicopter with dipping sonar should deploy sonar when it has no orders and loiters
– FIXED: Torp showing out of range when within range
– FIXED: EMCON for groups resetting
– FIXED: Radar not detecting periscopes
– 0005225: Context menu (Right click) for contacts
– FIXED: Exclusion Zone Bug
– FIXED: Dipping Sonar in Forward Flight
– FIXED: ASW heli won’t attack
– 0007345: [514] Strike groups launched far apart. Takes some time for them to catch up
– 0008806: Manpads Issues (not calculating actual alt but always alt from sealevel and autodefenses)
– 0008808: Strange Asroc Issue
– 0008810: [1.06] Sea of Fire, ships not firing
– 0008802: Strike planner: Escort AC must take off before the main strike force
– FIXED: F-4 unable to auto-engage helicopter
– FIXED: Error message when manually allocating bombs
– 0001819: Need to have aircraft on CAP patrol operating in pairs
– 0007221: Strike Editor: Escorts Take off first?
– 0008714: [B624] Units unable to fid a suitable point inside patrol area
– 0008798: Goblin contact icon not within AoU
– 0008832: Lua and Regional and Language Options issue
– 0008868: Mission Patrol Throttle not updating
– 0008877: LCS unable to detect sub
– 0008899: Last emission was “Ready ago”
– 0008686: UnitX for all lua functions
– 0008695: [B623] Lua Unit Proficiency Not Working
– 0008861: Possible Lua/Event Editor issue
– 0008907: [LUA] Holdfire backwards compatibility
– 0005549: Mission Editor: Add ‘minimum group size’ for strike and patrol missions
– 0006612: Support Mission Speed Setting Issue
– 0008005: Escort Issues
– 0007475: [523] Escort behaviour in strike missions, seem to wander off
– 0007465: Patrol mission: need transit throttle setting option in addition to patrol zone speed
– 0007307: Ability to define altitude for ferry missions
– 0007271: [511] Strike Editor: Auto-Planner Oddities
– 0006877: [495]Patrol Mission Behavior- Default transit speed is slower than cruise
– 0008764: [Lua] Scoring / Messages / Scenario end
– 0008280: U-2 cannot complete mission due to bingo issues
– 0008882: Firing Parameters looking at height above sea level instead of actual
– 0008867: [General program infrastructure] Harriers landing on frigates
– 0008866: Wasting torpedoes on ambiguous contacts
– 0008863: BINGO -> Aircraft auto-ascends to max alt
– 0008862: Decoy priority error
– 0008892: Submarines surfacing
– 0008905: Suggestions for Mission Editor UI
– 0008912: Naval group disobeying nav point speed (stop) setting
– 0008924: Auto-evasion doctrine not inherited from Side to Unit
– 0008914: [Lua] Add/remove units to groups
– 0008913: Selection Bug
– 0008930: Use Lua to add imports
– 0008931: Unassign from Escort Status not saving. Big issue
– 0008935: Allow user to enter Escort response radius
– 0007474: [522] Mission Editor Dialog- Escort marking goofyness
– 0008920: Guns not damaging mounts/sensors/systems
– 0006388: Manpad minimum range is higher than helo lowest altitude
– 0006826: [Build 492] Unit on ASW mission attempts to engage unknown air contact
– 0007114: Dutch Van Speijk-class frigate
– 0007872: DB3k: TIF-25K Aerostat
– 0008026: DB3k; Seeal torpedo name might be wrong
– 0008269: DB3k: Ecuador 209 Sub updates
– 0008429: DB3k Update: Attack Helicopters Patrol their zones at 12k
– 0008416: DB3k; All Aussie P-3’s gone by 2019
– 0008297: DB3k: Ecuador 209 Submarine Update
– 0008444: [588] Rebasing right after launch
– 0008451: Zubr/Pomornik in PLAN service
– 0008494: Patrol Mission Transit Altiude Overide being ignored for eggress-Transit home
– 0008520: DB3k Update: 2695 Bangabandhu crotale goofed
– 0008538: [609] DHY-307 can’t designate for Hellfire
– 0008541: DB3k Update: Ru Aircraft Refueling capablities
– 0008558: [611] Different inner-group behavior when RTB with manual throttle
– 0008531: DB3k Fix: #69 – MRK Nanuchka IV [Pr.1234.2 Ovod] Surface to air arc wrong
– 0008754: DB3k: Brimstone II range update
– 0008601: DB3k; Malaysian Hawk 208 needs refueling capability and AIM-9M
– 0008642: Sub Strike : Wasp helo hunting at 12000 ft. (General patrol station altitude issue)
– 0008795: DB3k Update: Add ARL 158 Tacna (Ex. HNLMS Amsterdam)
– 0008883: DB3k: Add Ukrainian Army units
– 0008836: DB3k: Mark’s Peru Navy Adds
– 0008821: DB3k: Piloto Pardo is listed as “merchant
– 0008834: DB3k: Marks Peru AF Adds
– 0008945: DB3k Update: DF-15C warhead
– 0008946: Unmarking Escort: Change isn’t retained if you select another mission right after the change
– 0008950: SEAD Patrol: Aircraft assigned to SEAD Patrol Attacking Non Radar because opp fire switched to yes mission ROE
– 0008665: [B621] Towed array depth behaviour
– 0008294: UI Improvment: Visible indicator of what towed array is deployed
– 0004635: Inactive mission EMCON setting triggers before mission activates
– 0004959: Planes on strike missions should not strafe targets
– 0004968: Air Strikes and Strafing
– 0006990: Mission Activation and Doctrine Changes
– 0008045: Missions aren’t looking ar ready times when launching a/c
– 0008671: [623] Minor: newly set autodetectable unit doesnt trigger “New contact” message
– 0008667: [Lua] Add kill unit command
– 0008975: Update Unit-Attack menu with additional WCS settings
– 0008970: Docking Ops window display issue
– 0008980: Nuclear weapons not yielding a nuclear explosion vs. an aimpoint-type target
– 0008963: Major Perf Issues with this scenario
– 0008925: At time compression the unit status blinks
– 0008746: Laser (beam) weapons should be degraded / blocked by clouds & rain
– 0005142: Units not dropping their escort status when removed from a mission so take in on perpetually
– 0008019: SOSUS Too Good
– 0005413: Specificing alt in a AAW Patrol Mission
– 0007648: Unit Status display at 125%
– 0008797: Ensure LPI radars are indeed LPI
– 0008799: Add Periscope Search flag to P-3 radar etc
– 0007977: MPA cannot detect snorkeling sub
– 0008724: Both Add Unit and Database Viewer Launching if I add unit in center of screen
– 0008707: AN/APG-77 detected at 280nm by AN/ALR-69
– 0008831: Double Points for Ship Kill
– 0008995: Silly forming up
– 0009001: [243] Winchester ROE Logic Broke for Units not on missions (Plotted or Dialog ordered attacks)
– 0009003: ASuWPatrol Mission Ground- Winchester ROE set to NO by default
– 0008412: Nuclear subs should produce noise at 0 knots. They currently don’t
– 0005264: Die Roll text needs to go
– 0008987: Modify chaff effectiveness vs target size
– 0008888: NCTR NBLIST Issues
– 0008885: Documentation / Notification : Default flight size setting of 2 with one aircraft strikes.
– 0009004: DB3K: CBU-105’s need to be set to valid against Hard Mobile Targets so correct WRA displays
– 0007251: [510] Strike Editor: Attack flight profile forgotten at weapon release
– 0008621: Possible to plot a course for sonobouys
– 0009008: Get rid of remaining ‘default’ 40k ft altitude settings
– 0008943: Auto-planner needs to plot full route (incl path back to base, and targets)
– 0007802: Senseless use of afterburner during AAW Patrol
– 0008380: Refueling Issue: Plane still taking on fuel although unassigned
– 0008887: SEAD lead unit is heading to refuel while wingman heads to patrol zone
– 0008884: Serious Break: Half the units assigned to a SEAD Patrol Mission Refuel
– 0005036: EMCON settings are reset for unassigned units when doing a Deep Rebuild
– 0009024: Vanishing Durandals
– 0005749: Deleting a mission that an rtb’ing aircraft is assigned to will cause it to spin unless you hit rtb again
– 0005957: Aircrafts RTB in the wrong direction
– 0008321: Mission Editor Dialog: As targets are destroyed they should be dropped from the target lists in ME
– 0007583: [531]Incorrect sound effect
– 0006345: [480] Significant slow down
– 0008178: [B569]Cranking behaviour in stern chase
– 0008466: [B594] Aircraft ignore no-nav zone
– 0006824: Fighter Behaviour: Aircraft still turning away when firing last AIM-7
– 0009076: [Build 624]Repeatable crash when ordering helos to attack (F1 attack) ground units near airfield
– 0008213: Shore radar clutter calculater incorrectly
– 0008591: Unrep command causes ships to navigate across land
– 0008617: Bad Engaged Defensive loop
– 0007280: [511] LGB release Profile Change
– 0007490: [521] Dual loadout alt release issue
– 0009022: Tu-16s plot through no-nav zone
– 0009140: Too many a/c shoot in self-defence
– 0009128: Iron Bomb missions don’t seem to be working at all
– 0009013: Turn altitude band logics
– 0009105: Mines explode without contact
– 0009148: Add Attachment Dialog: instant crash when pressing the Add Existing Button
– 0001144: Add weapon flag: Terminal counter-CIWS manouvering
– 0009143: Proficiency and damage control
– 0008000: Auto triggered mission when target is out of range
– 0008973: A Map Zoom Bug
– 0009074: [UI] Scenario becomes Unresponsive
– 0009118: Downtown: Add tankers
– 0008752: DB3k: Jan’s JF-17 Update
– 0008929: DB3k: Nuclear NoDong
– 0002951: DB3K: 1L222 Avtobaza ELINT & OECM System
– 0003262: DB3k Update: Add Indian L14 INS Ghorpad (1974)
– 0003411: DB3K: 1L222 Avtobaza ELINT + jammer
– 0003875: Russian helo updates
– 0008331: DB3k Update: MH-60M
– 0008316: MdCN / SCALP-Navale missile
– 0005419: JSOW minimum altitude is too low
– 0008332: DB3k: MH-60A Update
– 0008336: DB3k: MH-60L Updates
– 0008337: DB3k: MH-60A
– 0008654: Sea King Surge Times
– 0008613: Yaogan-24 satellite
– 0008599: DB3k; Add A-3 Skywarriors to DB3k
– 0008548: Chinese Satellite Information
– 0008692: Fresh info on Band-Stand radar
– 0008894: DB3k: Add A 195 Tide (Australia)
– 0009031: DB3k: Add Ukrainian 2S7 Pion artillery
– 0008979: Iranian BTR-60 + ZU-23-2 SPAAG
– 0008968: DB3K: Canadian Ground Units
– 0009039: Lightnings need non-AB flight profile
– 0009043: DB3k; Type 54/54A/56/52D VDS,/ECM/ESM/Sonar.Towed Decoy upgrade
– 0009052: DB3k: Bastion Systems missing Monolit radars
– 0008306: Would like the Strike Autoplanner works on planes in the air
– 0009185: WRA Issue – Heat Seeking missile fires from long range when only designated for self defense
– 0009202: Ship Mine Detection seems broken
– 0009190: Satellite Prediction Sort by Date goofed
– 0004906: Trigger: Posture change
– 0004997: Gun explosion on facilities are sometimes far off
– 0006434: Posture Event editor
– 0006460: [481] Diagnostic settings on by default
– 0006463: [481] Air Ops window refresh
– 0009172: [Sensors Modelling] Improve AESA modelling
– 0009224: Shift + D Causes Crash
– 0009220: Not able to drop a contact
– 0009259: Mission Editor Dialog: Profile setting not saving
– 0005847: DB3K Skywarriers post-1980: KA-3B, EKA-3B
– 0008228: Missing US radars
– 0008333: DB3k: MH-60K
– 0006373: Egyptian SA-3 Update
– 0008245: DB3k Update: Add Penguin to Turkish S-70B2 Seahawk
– 0008379: DB3k Update: Iranian F-4 Tanker War loadouts
– 0008700: DB3k; MIstral Missile Concerns
– 0008600: DB3k; UK JSF Paveway IV Loadout
– 0008533: France Orders Airbus A330 MRTT air-to-air refuelling aircraft (France 2018)
– 0008530: DB3k: Helmet Mounted Sites for F-16’s
– 0009116: DB3k: Italian F-35C’s can’t operate from Cavour->can’t land
– 0009084: DB3k: No local control with 16 inch guns
– 0009080: Orkan-class FACs get RBS-15 Mk3
– 0008719: Typhoon Mod (Proj. 941UM TK-208 Dmitri Donskoy)
– 0009234: DB3k Update: Add SBU-64 AASM/M (0/10000) Weapons Record
– 0009197: DB3k: 3 Runway Generics Airfield Units
– 0009175: DB3k Update: #2000 Lizard LGB Warhead Wrong
– 0009120: DB3K Jan’s NH90 Caïman Updates
– 0009119: DB3k: Jan’s AS.565 Panther Upgrades
– 0009235: DB3k Update: Add Hellfires for Tigers to Mistral Helicopter Magazine
– 0009252: DB3k Update: Need to update DeGaulle

Database additions include:

Add Satellite 80 Ofeq [SAR] Israel Generic 2008
Add Ship 2711 D 650 Aquitaine (FREMM ASW) France Navy 2016 SCALP EG
Add facility 2378 AvGas Bunker (3000k Liter Tank)
Add facility 2379 AvGas Bunker (1500k Liter Tank)
Add facility 2380 Armored Plt(Leopard 2A4M MBT x 4) Canadian Army 2010 x80, ex. Netherlands
Add facility 2381 Armored Plt(Leopard 2A6M MBT x 4) Canandian Army 2007
Add facility 2382 Motor Inf Plt (LAV-III Kodiak x4) 2002
Add facility 2383 Arty Bty (155mm/39 M777 Towed Howitzer x 6) Canada Army 2006
Add facility 2384 Inf Plt (Canadian Paratroopers) Canada Army
Add facility 2385 Inf Plt (Canadian Army) Canada Army
Add facility 2386 Motor Inf Plt (Lav III ICS Kodiak x 4) Canada Army 2009
Add facility 2387 SAM Sec (Blowpipe MANPADS x 4) Canada Army 1980-1989
Add facility 2388 SSM PLt (FGM-148 Javelin x 3) Canada Army 2010
Add faciltiy 2389 Mech Inf Plt (M113A2 APC x 4) Canada Army 1980
Add faciltiy 2390 Armored Plt(Leopard C1 MBT x4) Canada Army 1978
Add weapon 3077 KAB-1500Kr-Pr-TV/EO
Add loadout 19453 SU-30MKK, China 2002, KAB-1500Kr-Pr TV/E)
Add loadout 19461 MH-60L DAP, 1992 (AGM-114F Hellfire, Hydra Rockets)
Add loadout 19462 MH-60L DAP, 1995 (AGM-114H Hellfire, Hydra Rockets)
Add sensor 5331 China SJD-X [Unknown VDS] Type 54++, Type 056 ASW
Add sensor 5332 AAQ-29A FLIR CH-53E
Add Facility 2391 Art Bty(203mm/44 2A44 2S7 Pion 1975) Soviet Union 1975 1991
Add Facility 2932 Art Bty(203mm/44 2A44 2S7 Pion 1975) Russia 1992
Add Facility 2932 Art Bty(203mm/44 2A44 2S7 Pion 1975) Ukraine 1992
Add 2712 Ghorpad [Pr.773 Polocny C] India Navy 1974
Add 2713 Cheetah [Pr.773 Polocny D] India Navy 1985
Add facility 2934 Vehicle Avtobaza Kvant IL222 Mobile Jammer + Elint Russia
Add sensor 5333 Avtobaza [IL222] add sensor 5334 ELINT [Avtobaza] Add facility 2935 AAA Plt/2 (23mm ZSU-23-2 BTR-60 x 2) Iran Army
Add weapons 3080 China Acoustidc Decoy
Add ship 2714 Type 054A Jiangkai II [530 Xuzhuou] China Navy 2015 VDS Upgrade
Add ship 2715 AO 195 Supply [Tide Class] Australia Navy 1962-1984 ex Tide Austral
Add weapon 3081 25mm DRAGAR Burst [10 rounds] Add facility 2396 Mech Inf Plt (VBCI x IFV x 4) France Army
Add facility 2397 Arty Bty 155mm TRF-1 Towed Howitzer x 6) France Army 1989
Add facility 2398 Armored Plt (PT-76B x 3) Indonesia Army 1978-1995
Add facitly 2399 Armored Plt (Scorpion 90 Light Tank) Indonesia Army 1998
Add facility 2400 Armored Plt (Leopard 2A4 MBT x 3) Indonesia Army 2014
Add facily 2401 Arty Bty (155mm/52 Caesar Self-Propelled Howitzer) France Army 2008
Add loadout out 19465-19466 GBU-27 for F-15I
Add loadout 19467 GBU-27 for F-16 Block 30 Israel
Add loadout 19468 GBU-27 for F-16 Block 40 Israel
Add loadouts 19475-19476 for F-16 I 2009 Israel GBU-38
Add loadouts 19477-19478 for F-15I 2009 Israel GBU-38
Add facility 2402 Mech Inf Plt (Marder 1A3 IFV x 4) Indonesia Army 2014
Add facility 2403 Inf Plt (Indonesian Army) Indonesia Army 00
Add facility 2404 Inf Plt (Indonesian Marines) Indonesia Army 00
Add faciltiy 2405 Mech Inf Plt (BMP-3 IFV x 4) Indonesia Marines 2010 x50
Add facility 2406 Vehicle (BV206S x 2) Generic Generic 0 0
Add facility 2407 Motor Rifle Plt (Pindad APS-3 Anoa x 4) Indonesia Army 2010
Add facility 2408 Armored Plt (PT-90 Light Amphibious Tank x 3) Indonesia Marines 1996
Add facility 2409 Mech Inf Plt (AMX-10P IFV x 4) Indonesia Marine Corps
Add facility 2410 AMX-10-PAC-90 Indonesian Marines 1999
Add facility 2411 Arty Sec(RM-70 MLRS x 2) Indonesia Marine Corps 2003 few, in sections
Add weapons record 7547 SBU-64 AASM/M [Hammer, MK82, GPS] Add loadout 19488 Iranian F-4E Hydra 70mm
Add loadout 19489 Iranian F-4D Hydra 70mm
Add Facilty 2413 Single-Unit Airfield (3 x 4000m Runways) Generic, Invisible
Add Facilty 2414 Single-Unit Airfield (3 x 2601-3200 Runways) Generic, Invisible
Add Facility 2415 Single-Unit Airfield (3 x 3201-4000 Runways) Generic, Invisible
Add Facility 2416 Single-Unit Airfield (4 x 4000+) Generic, Invisible, Super Airport
Add aircraft 3887 AS.565MA Panther S2 2012-00
add loadout 19492 S-70-28 Turkey Penguin
Add weapons record 7548 GBU-49/B 60/60-Carrier
Add weapons record 7549 AREOS Recon Pod 4/4/60 Carrier
Add weapons record 7550 Paveway IV [mk82]60/60/60-Carrier
Add submarine 579 PLARB-941UM Dimitri Donskoy [Typhoon, Akula] Russia Navy 2012, x1 unit, Bulava Test

Final Request: For those of you that had the sound crash issue please turn your sounds back on if you’d like. We believe this patch resolves it.

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