Build 499 – v1.03 Release Candidate 3

Download here:

This can be applied to any existing Command installation.

Release Notes (changes since B498)

– 0006925: [Build 498] SAMS go blind and Command crashes about 50 percent of time
– 0000600: Afterburner in IR calcs
– 0006911: [498] Game crash during Indian Ocean Brawl
– 0006921: Sensors from pods are added twice
– 0006787: [491]Minehunting got weird

* Autosave now allows going farther “back in time”: When an autosave is performed, the existing autosave file is renamed to autoscen_20, the existing (if any) autoscen_20 file is renamed to autoscen_40 etc. all the way to autoscen_100. This way, whenever there is a reported problem the dev team can go back up to 100 (RL) seconds to troubleshoot reported issues. This solves the “autosave after the fact” problem.

* Engine throttle (cruise, full, flank etc.) is now taken into account when calculating the IR signature of aircraft, and thus its detection range by a sensor.

* As requested, the no-pulse mode can now be toggled on/off via two additional ways (other than Game -> Options etc.):
a) Drop-down selector “Map Update Mode”, placed to the right of the “Time Compression” drop-down selector.
b) Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+Q .

* Includes all the latest AD imports by Rudd.

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