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This update can be applied to any existing Command installation. Simply unzip the contents to the Command installation folder, answering “yes” to any overwrite prompts.

Changes since last public release (Build 486)

– 0006521: [483] No DTG or TTG for groups
– 0006292: DB3k; Add Mexican Navy
– 0006170: Gumdoksuri-class patrol vessel
– 0006551: AGL reporting issue over the sea
– 0005982: CWDB Civillian Aircraft (Yak-40,DHC-4,DHC-6,PA-31,DHC-2,Dove,CV-240,DC-6,DC-4/C-54,DC-8,Constellation,Viscount,Comet,An-2)
– 0005757: Swedish radar PS-14/R & PH-133/R
– 0006167: Yak-141 Freestyle
– 0004528: HC-144A Ocean Sentry
– 0004529: HC-130H & J
– 0006646: Ukraine 6-rail SA-5 database entry
– 0006652: DB3k Update: Ukrainian S-300PT sites have 12 TELs
– 0006651: Ukrainian S-300PS sites have 8x TELs
– 0004466: Error Message while changing weapons quantity in Weapons Dialog
– 0005995: Ballistic missiles and satellites should display altitude in km
– 0006402: Ships categorized as “Aviation ship” *MUST* have transit facilities
– 0005891: Sensor problems on satellites
– 0006586: Planes crash on Out of Fuel
– 0006507: AS-4 yoyo’s and turn 180 deg
– 0006401: Reserve and Bingo Fuel logics
– 0006080: Missiles overshoot far more often in low-fidelity mode
– 0006073: Fuel burn rate isn’t interpolated over altitude and speed
– 0000489: Aircraft ranges need to be dependent on loadout weight
– 0006221: SSM altitude issues
– 0006273: Turnover code for aircraft on strike missions
– 0006144: New Sub for determining decent turnover point
– 0006108: A/G weapons should impact the ground, even when other weapons have destroyed the unit
– 0005815: Database viewer crashes when viewing SSBN 616 Lafayette
– 0006011: [461] Satelites designated as submarines in database viewer
– 0005595: Database viewer: Display more information in db viewer
– 0005662: Satellites in the DB Viewer are submarine types
– 0006593: Missile-tracking sensors on Cobra Ball are missing the space-search capability
– 0006222: Fuel reserve: 5% plus 20 min loiter at low altitude
– 0006259: [476] RTB calcs a little off. Long patrols have aircraft that crash when landing pattern gets busy
– 0006665: [Weapons Modelling] [486] Grumble SAM missile resolutions very strange
– 0006597: [484] Ship Group won’t change course
– 0006617: [486] Patrol Missions not launching until all assigned aircraft are ready
– 0006607: [485]ECM Pods not being added to mags when an AC lands
– 0006623: [B485] Munitions use bug
– 0006319: Aircrafts never lands
– 0006616: Two Hercules will not land
– 0006611: [486] Game Freeze
– [FIXED B488] Black screen 487
– [FIXED B488] [B487] Can’t load some scenarios
– [FIXED B488] [487] Red Storm – Fill the Gap

* New patrol option: Patrol Throttle (default is Loiter/Creep). Units that are following a patrol course inside their patrol area and have no other throttle override obey this throttle setting. This allows customizing patrol behavior for persistence (loiter), maximum area scan (cruise) or special cases that warrant full/flank throttle.

* When an aircraft being re-equipped (at its base) ends up in Winchester status because one or more of the loadout’s primary stores are missing, the outfitting is cancelled and the aircraft reverts to Reserve (clean) loadout.
If this is happening interactively (ie. the player has manually ordered this re-equipment) then a notification pop-sup for this; otherwise the action is performed silently.

* Includes the v404 versions of the DB3000 & CWDB.

* Includes new imports by Mike & Jakob (Sweden, UK, New Zealand)

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